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Aerospace Engineering

TomarasTomaras 61 replies17 threads Junior Member
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Hi, I am very interested in the Aerospace field and am wondering where I would place in terms of what colleges I should be looking into and be a match for.

9th Grade 7B's 5 A's ... 3 Honors Classes
10th Grade 6B's 6 A's ... 3 Honors 1 Ap Classes
11th Grade 1 B 5 A's (in the first semester) ... 2 honors 2 Ap Classes
12th Grade ... 2 Ap Classes

Top 10% of the class... should be top 7% or so by the time I apply (at a competitive highschool, ranked around 20 in the state)

As of now (end of 1st semested of 11th grade) Unweighted GPA of 3.544 and Weighted of 4.182.

ACT --- (will be taking again and am aiming for 32-33)
- 29 English
- 32 Math
- 34 Reading
- 29 Science
--- 31 Composite

80 Math
63 CR
53 WS (OUCH)
= 196 total

Some Good EC's but this I wont waste your time with any of that.

So my question is with my grades and course-load/scores as is, what colleges should I be looking into for this field? Will I be completely unprepared for the coursework?
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Replies to: Aerospace Engineering

  • bellyflop55bellyflop55 134 replies42 threads Junior Member
    Those are very impressive stats especially if you can up your ACT a couple points you should have little trouble getting into a good aero school like GA Tech or Purdue. As for now make sure you get a calculus class preferably AP calc BC and an advanced physics class (AP if available). Chem wouldn't hurt either. You shouldn't be too unprepared because freshman year is calc and physics 1 so you would have an advantage over those who didn't take those class in HS.
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  • TomarasTomaras 61 replies17 threads Junior Member
    ^^^ Thanks, Yeah I am taking AP Calc BC and AP Physics as well as Engineering Physics next year. Thank you for the feedback
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  • FoColoFoColo 80 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Check out Iowa State. With a 33 ACT, my son recieved merit aid making it a much cheaper option than our state flagship, Univ of Colorado. But he has chosen Boulder over Ames.
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  • LakeWashingtonLakeWashington 8865 replies474 threads Senior Member
    I also recommend Iowa State for aerospace engineering, but be forewarned...it's a very rigorous program. Attrition rate is fairly high.
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