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Does it matter what your undergrad degree is?

AznGambit17AznGambit17 88 replies14 threads Junior Member
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I know that eventually when I'm seeking a full time job, I want to be involved with biomedical engineering, be it on the business side or a research oriented aspect. After reading some posts on this forum however, im starting to get a vibe that the undergrad degree doesn't weigh that much and it'd be almost negligible what area i choose. im currently a biological engineer, but i've heard suggestions to do CS, EE, or even ME instead during my undergrad, and pursue a bme education at a grad level.

any thoughts on this? is there no benefit to majoring in biological engineering as an undergrad in my current situation? to be honest, i'm open and very interested in trying out other disciplines in the engineering fields, but don't want to end up sticking to one path, go with it for awhile, and realize it provides me little to no options in the end.
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Replies to: Does it matter what your undergrad degree is?

  • SyncronymSyncronym 32 replies0 threads Junior Member
    If you want to go into BME, stay in BME. While it may be possible to transfer from another discipline after getting your bachelor's, it's much easier to just go in from the start with your chosen path.
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  • naokifreshnaokifresh 182 replies40 threads Junior Member
    Well, while that could be true...originally it's best to know more about the same field

    Cause when you go to the CS, EE, ME field all the options told to you are in that field. If you go with BME, then it will be catered to that interest and you will be on the most solid and for sure path.

    However, by all means when you are doing your degree, you can take courses in CS, EE, ME, and possibly MINOR in it. That way you will not be limited to a path since you will have skills in those areas too. :D

    Or since you were said you could be interested in the business side, a minor in a Business related field.
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  • vader1990vader1990 428 replies84 threads Member
    I agree with everything that the above posters have said. Since your interests lie in BME, stay in BME. You can always take 1-2 programming classes, a class in hands-on circuits, and a class in sensors, actuators and/or mechatronics/robotics to get a feel for the other fields (CS, EE and ME respectively). You will find in your studies that BME is actually a culmination of CS, EE, ME, etc.

    I personally did my undergrad in BME and EE double major. I have had no problems or regrets.

    Best of luck, and please feel free to ask any questions about BME in general.
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