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Structural Engineering in UCSD

MobikadeMobikade 0 replies7 threads New Member
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Im a third year studying Structural Engineering in UCSD. Anybody knows if this major is worth studying? I was studying EE before, but I switched to SE solely because it fits in better with my interests. However, after two quarters of it, I realize that finding an internship is really hard. I have a very mediocre gpa of 3.2, so perhaps thats the reason why. So fellow CCers, what does the outside world think of a BS degree in SE from UCSD? Is it any good? Is it even possible to find a job in the economy right now? Or should I cut my losses and go back to EE haha?
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Replies to: Structural Engineering in UCSD

  • aerokid1491aerokid1491 372 replies8 threads Member
    I am surprised it would be so tough for you to find jobs. I have seen plenty of structural analysis type internships for like Boeing when I looked for internships with them. Obviously, many companies will need someone to analyze the structure of products they make, particularly for products that could harm people if the products fails. I think EE has more opportunities honestly, though. I have seen many research oriented places hire mostly EE and obviously we need hardware and communications for many things.

    However, if you like Structural Engineering more, I think you should be able to at least get a job. But I don't think there will be nearly as many options for that compared to EE.

    Good luck though!
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79052 replies702 threads Senior Member
    At many schools, structural engineering is part of civil engineering.

    However, at UCSD, structural engineering is ABET accredited under general criteria only, not as civil engineering. Based on Undergraduate Program | Structural Engineering, University of California San Diego , it does appear to be focused on more topics than the usual civil engineering structural topics.

    But if you are mainly looking in the civil engineering area for jobs, realize that the 2008 downturn was driven by a real estate and construction crash, which is now only slowly being recovered from.
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