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Can a concentration hurt me?

SoclydezaSoclydeza 96 replies40 threads Junior Member
I'm currently a junior at Rutgers University for MechE. They have three options: Standard (just a mix of whatever tech electives you're interested in), Energy Systems and Aerospace. My original plan was to just take the standard route and take a class in each concentration but I've really become interested in aerospace so I've been thinking about making that my concentration.

So my question is, will taking that concentration make me "too specialized" of a MechE to get MechE jobs outside of aerospace, or will I still look like a standard MechE to employers?
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Replies to: Can a concentration hurt me?

  • NeoDymiumNeoDymium 2301 replies3 threads Senior Member
    You are still a standard MechE to employers. Though you will lose some opportunities for having one type of experience over another, that's not a bad thing. You only need to be offered one good job, not every job in the field of MechE. Specialization is good, as long as the specialty is a highly applicable one.
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  • HPuck35HPuck35 2019 replies15 threads Senior Member
    As long as your education in mechanical engineering includes all the basics, it doesn't matter if you have some specialized classes in energy or aerospace. It will be your work experience after college that will define your career.
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