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Looking for information on York College of PA electrical engineering

2019boston2019boston 22 replies32 threads Junior Member
My son has this school on his list for engineering but I really know nothing about it. Can anyone share information?
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Replies to: Looking for information on York College of PA electrical engineering

  • Sailor82Sailor82 1 replies0 threads New Member
    York College of PA is a mid-sized private school (~4,200 undergraduate enrollment) in south-central PA located in York, PA (between Harrisburg and Baltimore). There is a strong liberal arts focus as well as preparing students to be prepared to enter into their chosen profession "from day one" (their tagline).

    Their ABET-accredited engineering programs include electrical, computer, mechanical. They also have a new civil engineering program that will graduate its first students next year.

    The engineering programs require students to take three semesters of co-op. That is three semesters of full-time work at an engineering company doing engineering work. To fit this into a 4-year-to-graduation schedule, students take a full set of classes in their junior and senior summers, graduating in August of the 4th year.

    The electrical engineering program has specializations in the junior/senior year within power/energy conversion, communications, controls/automation, and embedded systems.

    Class sizes are small and faculty are caring, welcoming, and want to work with undergraduate students. There are opportunities for undergraduate research, study abroad, and lots of project-based learning.
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  • colorado_momcolorado_mom 8988 replies79 threads Senior Member
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    I don't know anything about York. But I'm a big fan of co-op experience. (I had 2 summers of engineering internship experience in 1980s)
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 78581 replies695 threads Senior Member
    https://catalog.ycp.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=28&poid=2945 suggests that the co-op terms are (1) summer after sophomore year, (2) junior spring, and (3) senior fall. 14 credit course loads are specified in the summer after junior year and summer after senior year (so graduation is a summer session later than it is at a typical four year program with no co-ops). But note that the academic calendar shows that the summer sessions are around 8 weeks (or two sessions of 4 weeks each), so 14 credits during the summer is a heavy academic workload.
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