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Senior year, and I've narrowed down 7 choices for grad school

mydegisunacredmydegisunacred . 170 replies3 threads Junior Member
edited June 2008 in Engineering Majors
Hello CC, as I change my mind constantly, I'd like to hear your input. I am an engineering physics major with a couple of minors, so theres plenty of choices for me, namely:

1-4. mechanical, chemical, electrical, biomedical engineering
5. materials science
6. physics
7. med school

please list the field and your reasons
edited June 2008
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Replies to: Senior year, and I've narrowed down 7 choices for grad school

  • RacinReaverRacinReaver 6555 replies55 threads Senior Member
    The one you're most interested in.

    Because it's the one you'll be the best at.
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  • xjisxjis 420 replies38 threads Member

    i feel too lazy to think out my reasons.
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  • SamKSamK 426 replies19 threads Member
    What are your plans/dreams for the future? Do you want to go for a terminal Masters degree or do you plan to get a PhD? Do you see yourself working for the goverment, a large company, a small company, for yourself (consulting) or running your own small business? Or do you want to go into academia? How important is money? How about fame, or the internal satisfaction of advancing the state of the art? Maybe if you figure out where you want to be in 5 or 10 years you can figure out a plan to get there.
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  • ElectricTechElectricTech 821 replies61 threads Member
    I would choose ME or EE myself, mainly because I have always had interests in mechanical and electrical devices.

    I always thought it would be nice to work with environmental issues, and ChemE would be a great choice for that, but I'm not a chem person myself. If you liked chem and wanted to work with the environment, then ChemE would be a good choice.

    Any of the engineering fields would allow you to be creative and innovative.

    Maybe you might want to look back at your childhood and think about what you were interested in.
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