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Howard University Transfer Scholarship Master Thread

livefreeordie88livefreeordie88 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
I am curating a bunch of information about financial aid for transfer students to Howard University into a master post and sticking it up over here. Because after weeks of creative googling I’ve cobbled together a whole bunch of information from a collection of university-sponsored sources and individual anecdotes and there are clearly a bunch of other people out there looking for the same thing. Even if I don’t end up going to Howard (for whatever reason) I don’t want my pleating exertions to go to waste.

So without further ado, here are the myriad of different pieces of information I have assembled regarding the HU transfer scholarship.

**Transfer scholarship information, broken down by source:**

1.) From the Office of Student Financial Services Knowledge Base, dated March 4, 2011:

To be eligible for consideration, prospective transfer applicants must have at least 30 transferable credit hours and at least a 3.25 grade point average from their transferring institution.
The Transfer scholarship covers full tuition and mandatory fees.
The scholarship is renewable for maximum of three years of undergraduate study.
Eligible admitted transfer students (including those who have previously deferred admission) are automatically considered for a Transfer Scholarship. There is no separate application necessary and awarded students will receive a notice via FedEx in April.

 Please remember that the Transfer Scholarship program is very*limited and not all eligible students will receive an award.

2.) From the Howard University website Grants, Scholarships, and Fellowships page:

The Howard University Transfer Scholarship is a limited and competitive program designed to provide financial assistance to prospective transfer applicants who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement while attending an accredited community college or other post-secondary institution and wish to complete their undergraduate studies at Howard University.
To be eligible for consideration, prospective transfer applicants must have at least 30 transferable credit hours at the time of admission and at least a 3.25 grade point average from their transferring institution.
The Transfer scholarship is a one-time award of $10,000 only offered in the fall semester.

3) When I wrote to the Howard University Office of Student Financial Services, reply dated March 21, 2012:

All Transfer Students are automatically considered for this award and no application is needed.
Awards will be made in May 2012 to eligible students until funds are exhausted.
Awarded students will be notified via e-mail and BisonWeb.

4) From the Howard University Freshman Scholarship PDF, clearly scanned-in pages from another resource:

Applicants must meet the following criteria:
o Be accepted to the University by January 31 preceding the fall semester of entry
o Have paid the respective permit fee by May 1 preceding the fall semester of entry
o Submit official academic transcripts from the transferring institution
o Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 from the transferring institution
o Have a minimum of 30 credit hours accepted for transfer to Howard University
Applicants that receive a Transfer Scholarship must earn a minimum of 12 credit
hours each semester at Howard University and achieve no less than a 3.0 GPA the first
academic year of study and 3.25 GPA each succeeding year. This scholarship is
renewable for only three academic years of undergraduate study.


So that's what I've found so far. People on the boards in the last couple of years were getting notified of their transfer scholarships all the way from mid April through very early June.

A Howard rep came to my school last year (Northern Virginia Community College) with a piece of paper which discussed the transfer scholarship, but I don't have it right now, it's at my parents house. Next time I go home I'll grab it and if it says anything substantially different from these sources I'll post about it. I do believe it said full tuition, and this was recent, so I'll pretty certain that it covers full tuition and fees.

Some other info I've come across:

Method for Awarding Institutional Aid: Federal Methodology

Rumor: There are only 15 of these given each year. (This is a rumor from the board from a poster who was in contact with the school's financial aid office quite a bit. It's an award given "until funds are exhausted," and with a full scholarship and fees being 20,000+ dollars I can certainly understand how there are most likely a very limited number.)

Further rumor from 2010: "Right now, Howard is going through an academic appraisal conducted by a committee called PCAR. This committee is seeking to increase funding for STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) and to increase the number of graduate students at Howard. To achieve this, the committee is going to recommend that the university cut funding for programs in the fine arts, the languages, and the humanities. They will also recommend that Howard increase it's admission standards so that they can shrink the undergraduate population to accomodate the graduate population."

When I posted asking about it on the facebook page for the Howard University Transfer Student Association, I got the following replies:

"I wasn't offered the transfer scholarship but I here its like on some hush hush type deal. I would advise that you contact your school counselor ASAP that is usually how people get it."

"If u want that scholarship, u gotta be in DC and physically go to Financial Aid."

Howard is notorious for having an administration you have to stay on top of (every single requirement I've had to satisfy for financial aid, I HAD to email them nagging afterwards) so I can definitely believe that it might be luck of the draw, it might be qualifications, it might be a total crapshoot, it might be nepotism, or it might be some combination of all of the above.

I'm going to Accepted Students Day on Friday so I'm hoping I can find out more then. So far I only have a 2500 University Grant and then the Pell grant on my account. Even with the loans they offered me, it's not even enough to cover tuition, much less books and fees! I'd love to go to Howard, but damn, 16-17K in debt each year for 2 years? I HATE being in debt. It's my goal to finish my BS without any debt at all.

If you're transferring to Howard and hoping to get this scholarship, give a shout-out!
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Replies to: Howard University Transfer Scholarship Master Thread

  • amayes24261amayes24261 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Have you discovered any new information during your Accepted Students Day? I do hope to receive some type of scolarship or help for that matter. I plan on transferring to Howard after my freshman year (this year) at Valencia College in Florida. Im just a tad anxious because they wont get all my 30 credits until the end of my freshman year in May and Im just worried I may not qualify until then which might be too late. But I am still applying and sending my transcripts from my fall freshman semester because they did say a minimun of 15 transferrable credits and all of my credits are from gen-eds and I even looked at Howards course catalog and they are the same classes, just different names. And I was just wondering, did you apply to transfer to Howard after your freshman year or after your sophomore year?
  • AllWorkNoPlayAllWorkNoPlay Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Hey Amayes24261,

    I am also looking to transfer to Howard in the Fall of 2013. I'm a sophomore at a JC in Cali, but I won't finish the required English and Math until Spring semsester.

    The deadline for transfer students I believe is February 13, and I also plan to apply at the end if this Fall semester hoping that I can qualify for a scholarship.

    What are you majoring in, and have you heard any updated information on Howard's scholarship requirements?
  • amayes24261amayes24261 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    That sounds good. Yeah they've received everything except for my final JC transcripts since those wont be ready until december. I am majoring in biology, Im probably going to minor in military science since Im doing AFROTC.
    As for scholarships I haven't heard anything new about the transfer scholarship, but I have heard about their donor scholarships (and there are a bunch. You apply for all you are eligible for through one application) so once I receive the decision letter by the end of january hopefully Ill fill out the application for the donor scholarships for fall 2013. I dont have the link for the website for their donor scholarships but just google: Howard University Donor Scholarship and it will take you there.
    Im not sure about my chances for the transfer scholarship since I wont have thirty credits until the end of the spring 2013 semester in may, So Im banking moreso on the donor scholarships as well as their marching band and orchestra scholarships.
  • AllWorkNoPlayAllWorkNoPlay Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Sorry to get back to you so late. Semester is near end and classes have me very busy.

    Your choice of study seems very rigorous if you ask me. Science is tough, and ROTC seems daunting in my opinion, but ALL the power to you.

    My concerns are very similar to yours. I hope to qualify for any scholarship Howard offers, but my thing is how long does Howard's scholarship funds last until they are completely exhausted? Because my final transcripts won't be complete until mid-May.
  • amayes24261amayes24261 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Thanks, Yeah AFROTC is something I really want to do. I know it wont be easy and It takes hard work but Its really rewarding. The transfer student scholarship isnt really what Im shooting for since that will probably be rewarded to someone who has all of their credits earlier. Have you thought of any scholarships for extracurricular activities like sports or music etc.?
  • AllWorkNoPlayAllWorkNoPlay Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Yeah, thats another thing too. I'm not really big in the extracurricular activities area. My plan is to make up in academics where I lack in social activities. I know its like shooting myself in the foot, but the majority off my time goes to course work. With little to no time for other activities.

    I don't know if this detrimental to my chances of admissions or not? I'm going to start getting in contact with the Howard, because I will be applying in about two weeks.

    Another thing, I been talking with my counselor at my JC. She is telling me that I should still apply early, because Howard could provincially accept transfer students, under the conditions that they finish their requirements by the Spring semester for Fall 2013. When I call Howard for details I'll try to confirm this.
  • amayes24261amayes24261 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Im not big in the extracurriculars at my JC either (They dont really offer much and between work and school schedules and limited transportation its kind of hard to be able to) but while I was at PITT living on campus it really does pay off to be involved you meet so many different people and build very good friendships and just getting out there and networking and learning new things is pretty awesome. You just have to find the right balance between socializing and I think once you go away and live on campus you will, it really does just come naturally. I dont think its detrimental to admissions, if you were involved in high school activities, volunteer work, or have a work history you can still give a list of those to the professor that you choose to write your recommendation letter (thats what I did)
    Your counselor is right applying early is best because you are transfer students and freshmans get priority with everything. I mean of course the last thing theyll probably get is your final fall transcripts anyways cause those wont be final until december anyways. The sooner you have everything together the easier it will be for you in the future, esp after the admissions process when you choose your housing. Howard does require you to complete an English Composition class (= to HU's ENGL 101) and a college level mathematics course (= to HU's Math110 or above) BEFORE you come to Howard. And as long as your counselor is helping you thats good, just make sure the classes you choose have something close to Howard's equivalent of that class. Looking up their course schemes by majors is really helpful too.
  • AllWorkNoPlayAllWorkNoPlay Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Yes so true, thats actually all I need to do to be done is the college level English and Math. I have 30+ units all of which I beleieve are transferrable; no fluke classes. I'm majoring in Political Science and will probably minor in African American Studies or Business, I haven't really decided yet on that. I want to use the Polsc degree to get into law.

    Also my church has a program where they have members giving out food to the less fortunate for the holidays, If I can find a little time I'm going to Volunteer.

    I really just want to tighting up my resume, so their won't be any loop holes. But yeah I'll will definetely take heed of your advice. Have you already applied for admissions and scholarships? Or are you waiting till this Fall semester to end? Is Howard University your first choice, or do you have other colleges in mind?
  • amayes24261amayes24261 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Oh snap thats really good you have that many credits. My JC Biology course scheme is kind of bad to follow all the way through freshman and sophomore year unless Im only transferring to public colleges in Florida, so Ive been advised that the best time to transfer is right after freshman year.
    That would be really good If you participate in that. They really do consider being involved because they want students that will be involved and contribute to their campus as well. I already applied for admissions mid October. They received my SAT scores and High school transcripts (only because I only have freshman year of college to account for so they need more to make their decision from which is fine), and I sent out my professor recommendations Tuesday Last week, so they should have those by now. Now all thats left is my final JC first semester transcripts and then the waiting begins lol. I didnt start applying for scholarships yet. Im applying for the Donor scholarships for the 2013-2014 year in early feb, once Im accepted (hopefully) and the orchestra director wants me to audition for my orchestra scholarship in August, and I wont receive the Marching Band scholarship until August when Band camp starts. Im hoping my good high school and college grades and high GPA will get me some type of merit scholarship too because that surely will help

    Howard University is my first choice so Im very excited and nervous all at the same time. But Im also applying to Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach Florida, an HBCU closer to home since I live in Orlando.
    Is HU your first choice or do you have any other colleges in mind?
  • esi927esi927 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey Everyone,

    I am also looking to transfer to HU for fall 2013 as a Junior. I intend on enrolling in the School of Business majoring in Marketing. My biggest concerns are the financial aid and the amount of credits that will transfer. I heard transferring to HU is kind of risky for anyone past their Sophomore yr.
  • amayes24261amayes24261 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Hey!! Ive heard the same things from other transfers. I know what you mean, Im hoping that all of my credits transfer too but Im applying to transfer in as a sophomore. What kind of classes did you take the past two years?
  • esi927esi927 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    As a freshmen, i attended Spelman and took liberal arts courses (English, Foreign Language, Basic Math,& English) along with Spelman's African Diaspora and convocation requirements. I left Spelman due to lack of financial aid and the desire to pursue a school that offers more. I could not transfer immediately because a majority of Spelman's credits do not transfer. I sort of had to start over at a community college and am finishing math and science courses.
  • AllWorkNoPlayAllWorkNoPlay Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Hey everyone,

    I am finally finished with my fall semester at my JC. It was rigorous, stressful, and time consuming but I got it done. I am now currently waiting on my final grades, and recommendation from my professor. I am in the process of applying to Howard as we speak. This upcoming spring semester will be my last here at this JC; and from henceforth it is a matter of dedication and determination on my part.

    Amayes24261, how did your fall semester come out? Have you heard anything from Howard about your status of your application? Oh.... and Yes, Howard is my first and only choice. Its the only school I wanted to go to since sophomore year in High School.

    Hey esi927, its nice to see someone else working just as hard to get into the same college. Seeing that you already have your foot in the door, by gaining admission to Spelman, it must suck to have to start fresh again at a JC. But I do commend you for handling your business, and doing what you have to; Because most wouldn't dare do what your doing. Have you already applied? What are you looking to do at Howard, that Spelman does not offer?

    How could I go about finding if my courses from my JC, will transfer to Howard? Do I just have to wait until admissions evaluates my application? Because I would hate to have my 40+ units not transfer over to Howard, and start all over as a freshman. If this were to happen, I would still go to Howard...just because its Howard. LOL
  • esi927esi927 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Hello everyone,

    I hope you all had an excellent semester and enjoying your winter break. I recently submitted the rest of my documents (transcripts) to Howard. Ugh! The waiting game is going to be hard for me.

    Hey AllWorkNoPlay, it is great to hear that you are so determined. I would love to think that attending Spelman would aid my admission to Howard, but I know it will be an extremely small factor. Spelman was a great stepping-stone for me because of the amazing opportunities the school offers. It was because of these opportunities, that I realized my passion for Marketing and Public Relations. However, Spelman is a liberal arts college and does not offer these majors. Howard's School of Business is amazing and the opportunities offered nowhere else!!! I applied in mid-November and am thankful that Howard can accept my Spelman credits.
  • AllWorkNoPlayAllWorkNoPlay Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Wow! I haven't been on here in a minute. Since my absence, I got accepted to Fisk University w/ a $10,000 scholarship; and I'm currently still waiting for the decision from Howard.

    Hey, Esi927 and Amayes24261 have you guys heard anything? Got any updated information on your application status?
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