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Can I get a scholarship ?

iwillchangeitiwillchangeit Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
I want to earn a partial scholarship ( 50% or upper) in USA, UK or Canada, but USA is my aim because I have two uncles in there. I had a plan to do this, but I am doubt about it. I will talk with you about my plan later. Two months ago, my uncle suggest me studying in USA, he wanted me to get help from a study abroad services, then I would get a visa to USA. Afterward, he could help me about financial fee and I could help him do nail to get money by myself. I don’t want follow this approach, because I want do it on my own. My background is too bad: 3.3 GPA, no prize in any contest, no activities outside school, I just play well at football and freestyle football. I have passed university which is one of the most famous one in my country two months ago ( I finished my high school in 6/2014, too). My plan:
I will get high score in my first year at my university: 3.8/4.0.
I will take Ielts, Toefl and SAT. My aim is 7 to 8 at Ielts, 100 at Toefl and 2000 at SAT.
I will get a prize in football.
I will have one year.
My parent can just give me 50000$ for financial requirement
These things are very hard for me, but I will challenge myself.
Do you think my plan is realistic? Give me advice.

Replies to: Can I get a scholarship ?

  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 72,322 Senior Member
    edited August 2014
    Can your parents give you $50,000 a year, or for each of four years?

    You have a lot of "I will" comments above. I'm guessing these are things you have already done...not things you plan to do in the future. Correct? Do you already have a prize in football (which I'm guessing is soccer)? Are you hoping to get those standardized test scores?

    Why wouldn't you finish your undergrad degree where you start it in your country? That would probably be the most economical way to complete college.
  • iwillchangeitiwillchangeit Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    @thumper1 Thank for your comment. I can get $50,000 for 4 years ( just fee and tuition. not including others). I don't take SAT and any prize in soccer at all. In fact, I have a lot of time on my first year at my university, I want to do something new, difficult and challenging. If I do not get any scholarships, I will study hard at my university.
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 72,322 Senior Member
    The SAT is a standardized test which is administered to high school students. It is not intended for students who have already taken university courses.

    But I suppose if you never took the test, you probably could...but really, I'm not sure how much that will weigh.

    If you attend a university now, you will be applying next year as a transfer student. You will be required to submit the transcript of courses and grades from your first year of college.

    Perhaps some one else will be more optimistic, but I can't see a substantial scholarship for an international transfer student whose HS GPA was 3.3.

    Until you have real numbers, not anticipated ones, it is I possible to even give you suggestions.

    However, I go back to my original question. Is there any reason why you would not finish your bachelors degree at your current university?
  • iwillchangeitiwillchangeit Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    First, I study Computer Engineering which is a very new and strange in my country. Most of my friends think I just can "repair" computer after I studying it. I want change this situation. I think studying abroad in a developed country or industrialized country will be my way.
    Secondly, when I was high school, I do not focus on scores, I just studied what needed for me. So, my background was not good. Now, I trying to do something, I think is very very hard for me to get a scholarship. I can not change my past, change my scores, change my background, however, I can change my future. I am studying hard in my first year at university to change my scores.
    Next, I do not study abroad at all costs. If I can not make my dream come true, I will study my master degree abroad later, after I my bachelors degree .
    The final reason why I want to get a scholarship ( in USA ) is that it would make me easier to get a VISA USA. That all. Any advices for me, @thumper1
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 72,322 Senior Member
    You would need a sizable scholarship to get that visa here. You say you have $50,000 from your parents. If you use 1/4 of that for your first year, you would have $12,500 covered. You would need at least $30,000 or more depending on the college...to cover all of your costs.

    That is a huge scholarship to expect for an international student who is also a transfer student.

    But like I said...check in your country for any agencies who might sponsor your studies abroad. There might be something!
  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse Registered User Posts: 26,432 Senior Member
    When you apply for a student visa as an international student studying in the US, you have to show how you are going to pay for your expenses. You have to show how the cost of attendance at the school is going to be met and have the info certified.

    Many schools will not give financial aid to international students and they are not eligible for a lot of the government financial aid either So if you need money to study here, focus on those schools that do not exclude internationals in aid and in merit money. No sense applying to a school where the chances of getting any money from them is zilch.

    About getting a "prize" in football, you need to send request to the coach of your sport at each college and see what he wants in terms of assessing your ability and the school's team needs. If the school gives out athletic scholarships in that sport, the coach is the one who works with you to get one.

    If your uncle will "sponsor you" in that you live with him and he provides room and board, that is that much less you need to come up with in terms of money. So do look at those schools that are within commutable distance of where he lives, and look at that as a possibility.
  • iwillchangeitiwillchangeit Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    @thumper1‌: My university just give us Asian scholarships. I can apply as a freshman if I success to get scholarship. I just need a partial scholarship to get a VISA USA more easily.
    @cptofthehouse‌ My uncle will provide room and food for me. He has a fast food restaurant, so I can help him so that I earn some money to spend on my expenses. Besides, my parents give me 50,000$ for 4 year and about 1,000$/month. To get a VISA USA, I must to convince Embassy of the United States of coming back to my country. Absolutely, So, I will apply an university for from away my uncle's state, then I can get I-20 form from the one in my uncle's state.
    About getting a "prize" in soccer, soccer is a team sport. Perhaps, I will win a team prize.
    My problem is that: I need to get a partial scholarship( which is the more the better) to get a VISA. That all. You shouldn't care about my situation in USA. I can both work and study as well.
  • aunt beaaunt bea Registered User Posts: 9,407 Senior Member
    I don't think your English skills are helping you understand what people here are telling you.

    You will need to show that you can pay $50,000 per year, to US immigration officials, to attend a university here in the US. This means you will need $200,000 US dollars to pay for a 4 year US education. Is this the reason you keep saying you need a scholarship? Scholarships are not easy to get especially if you haven't achieved anything "spectacular" in your country and international transfer students don't qualify for a LOT of scholarships.

    No, you won't be allowed to work in the US with a student visa. Student visas only allow limited hours of work on campus.

    It sounds like your real goal is to immigrate, at all costs, which is why you are saying that "you shouldn't care about my situation in USA."
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 72,322 Senior Member
    Your ability to work in the United States with a student visa is significantly limited. VERY significantly limited. I don't believe you can work jobs off campus...but if you can, the number of hours is significantly limited.

    And if your uncle is planning to pay you under the table, that is not what he is supposed to be doing with employees. This could jeopardize your status here as well as your uncle's business status. Employees are supposed to be paid on the books. But that is a whole other thread.
  • billcshobillcsho Registered User Posts: 18,405 Senior Member
    edited September 2014
    OP is too optimistic and even naive in some way. Getting a 50% scholarship is not easy even for in state student with stellar grades and scores. You do need a financial statement that cover your total cost of study by all sorts of funds. These needs to be provided at the time of Visa application. So your plan to work would not count even if you are allowed to work on campus to certain extend.

    By the way, to repair a computer just need an A+ certification which is very easy. Many high school students can do that.
  • aunt beaaunt bea Registered User Posts: 9,407 Senior Member
    I think I've misunderstood your original question here. "Can I get a scholarship?"

    You posted the things you hope to achieve and, I think: Are you asking this site for an actual scholarship? This ain't the place to do that. The scholarships and visas come from the university that you would like to attend. You need to apply there first and see if you will be admitted.
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 72,322 Senior Member
    Um. I don't think colleges give visas.
  • aunt beaaunt bea Registered User Posts: 9,407 Senior Member
    So sorry, the colleges give you the forms to apply for the visas with immigration.
  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse Registered User Posts: 26,432 Senior Member
    Whether you get a scholarship from any college depends upon the individual school. It is possible to get accepted to a local school, fill out the visa form and with your parents contribution, and your uncle's willingness to provide room and board, you can make it work. Some community colleges are reasonable in cost even for those paying out of state premiums. But to get into the US as a student, you need to fill out a form, not for the college (though some want to see the form too) but for immigration purposes. You will need a student visa, and showing how you can pay for yourself is necessary. All items need to be certified, not just listed. The money has to be certified by a bank as being there, your uncle will likely have to notarize his intent to support you.
  • sybbie719sybbie719 Super Moderator Posts: 22,203 Super Moderator
    edited September 2014
    I have passed university which is one of the most famous one in my country two months ago ( I finished my high school in 6/2014, too). My plan: I will get high score in my first year at my university: 3.8/4.0.

    It seems that OP plans on coming to school in the US as a transfer student. His chances of receiving scholarship as an international transfer student are close to 0. His admission to schools as a transfer student will depend on how much his family can afford to pay, without scholarship money.

    If Op was applying as a freshman, he should not attend college anywhere. However, his 3.3 gpa from high school (he says he graduated june 2014) is going to be a real stretch at getting him him merit $$.
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