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Raise.me - one parent's report on how it works and whether it's worth it


Replies to: Raise.me - one parent's report on how it works and whether it's worth it

  • traveler98traveler98 Registered User Posts: 1,146 Senior Member
    WPI does make it clear that raise.me doesn't stack; to me it seems they basically use it as a way for families to partially pre-populate their merit aid file. I've looked through WPI threads for info on typical merit aid. Kids that are similar to my S appear to get half tuition minimum in merit scholarships, and raise.me is nowhere close to that yet. He's up to $8k/year from raise.me halfway through junior year with his SAT already in there, and tuition is over $40k. I doubt his remaining junior grades, junior year AP scores and summer activities are going to bring him up anywhere close to the total merit award he is likely to be offered. RPI, which I just followed on raise.me for fun, is even worse. He's at about $4500 per year via raise.me and kids with similar stats/demographics/ECs appear to be getting far more than that from RPI.
  • rachellebisrachellebis Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    We were told by Rollins that any Raise.me scholarships would be deducted anyways from her Rollins grant. ;(
    Not sure if this is normal at other schools but seems defeating.
  • DiotimaDMDiotimaDM Registered User Posts: 1,471 Senior Member
    edited September 2017
    Hmm, this is interesting. Some of the schools on Raise.me list October 1 as the cutoff for earning microscholarships. So while you may get credit for something like enrolling in an AP class in September, you won't be able to come back and claim the additional credit for getting a good grade in December of June.

    If you need to update your profiles in advance of the Oct. 1 deadline, do it this week.

    In addition, S has several awards in his list that go significantly beyone what he's earned in microscholarships. Drake, for example, says they're giving him a Presidential Award of $20k/year for four years for a total of $80k even though he's only accumulated $40k in microscholarships

    Would he have gotten the same or better by applying normally, without Raise.me? Maybe. I have no clue, but it sure is nice to get an advance read on some of these things.

    Here's the text of the message so you know what to look for.
    Presidential Award

    Issued directly to you from Drake University!

    Congratulations! Based on your RaiseMe portfolio, Drake University has awarded you the Presidential Award. This scholarship includes and is not in addition to your micro-scholarships at Drake University. We will continue to keep track of any additional micro-scholarship you earn and you will receive either the Presidential Award or the value of the micro-scholarships, whichever is higher by Drake University’s earning deadline.

    Micro-scholarship value: $40,000

    To redeem your Presidential Award, you must remain eligible for Drake University’s program and apply, be admitted, and enroll in Drake University. To remain eligible, you must ensure your portfolio is complete and accurate and maintain your RaiseMe GPA.
  • suzyQ7suzyQ7 Registered User Posts: 3,889 Senior Member
    Thanks for posting. I'm going to sign up my youngest for this.
  • rhandcorhandco Registered User Posts: 4,292 Senior Member
    So wait a second - today's the 7th, so that means Raise.me is useless to the class of 2018? Or does it just mean that senior year grades, whether by semester or full year, are useless to get microscholarships?

    As for the Raise.me being deducted from how much a student would have gotten from a college, to be honest, if I have a number from Raise.me for a college (the most for my S18 is around $15,000 per year but most are around $2,000 per year), at least I have a minimum.

    They do give you the average FA per year for each college, when you select "About" whatever college. And that is really useful to have in that format. I am hoping I don't have to put together a huge spreadsheet like I did for my other son, but if I do, it looks like the Raise.me website might be a quick way to get all that info.
  • DiotimaDMDiotimaDM Registered User Posts: 1,471 Senior Member
    If a school's deadline has already passed, the student gets everything logged before the deadline. Senior grades and activities just won't add to the count. I don't know what happens for a 2018 senior who signs up now, though. Someone like that is probably only eligible for microscholarships at schools who haven't closed their deadline yet.

    Lots of schools are still awarding microscholarships.
  • mathmomvtmathmomvt Registered User Posts: 4,532 Senior Member
    Does raise.me have a parent login so you can see what your kid has without having to log directly into their account?
  • DiotimaDMDiotimaDM Registered User Posts: 1,471 Senior Member
    I don't think so. If they do, I'm not aware of it. You may have to ask your S/D to show you what they've entered.
  • shoot4moonshoot4moon Registered User Posts: 1,278 Senior Member
    Interesting - DD is applying to Lewis and Clark, but it says "scholarships not yet available." So, a school can sign up, but not offer microscholarships. Of the nine schools that DD is strongly considering/has applied to, the only one that has scholarships is Loyola Marymount. She has almost straight As in AP/IB classes as well as a healthy amount of ECs. After entering all her info for all four years she is eligible to get 2K per year. I know of a kid who had similar statistics to DD that received 0 merit. With that in mind, I'm willing to spend the hour entering every darn class, extra curricular, etc for $7K. I don't know about you, but I don't make 7K an hour :) And yes, I am doing the scholarship search for our daughter. I figure that she is earning scholarships for school by getting good grades. With D1, we didn't apply for any scholarships because we aren't eligible for need. One of my resolutions this time was to facilitate the application for scholarships, so I am the scut worker for DD. I will search, find ones that match, open the app and fill in the easy stuff, and then hand to her for completion. I think doing this part is most definitely worth my while, and is a great way to support her as well as my checkbook.
  • suzyQ7suzyQ7 Registered User Posts: 3,889 Senior Member
    @shoot4moon I wonder if the colleges know - when you apply and they are considering merit - if you participate in Raise.Me. If so, its quite possible that you could end up getting less merit than you would have if you had not participated in Raise.Me. For example, say your D applies (without having a Raise.Me account) to Loyola Marymount (which is a college that does give merit scholarships) and because of her great academic profile, she might get $5000K per year to entice her to attend. But if she already has a Raise.Me account where you expect she will get $2K per year, maybe that's all they will offer.

    I think (not sure - so i would be great if someone could find out) that you have to tell them that you are participating in Raise.Me at app time. And that could hurt in the long run.
  • mathmomvtmathmomvt Registered User Posts: 4,532 Senior Member
    I can't see how it's in a school's best interest to offer less to scholarship-caliber students if they are on Raise.me. They are offering the scholarship to entice the student, and they should want them just the same whether they are on raise.me or not. I think several folks here have said that their student was offered more by the college than their raise.me amount. It seems like you can look at raise.me as a guaranteed minimum -- I don't think you're really "earning" scholarships by using raise.me so much as getting an insight into what that school values and getting some idea of what you might get out of them. But I'm just a parent, and I don't know anything for sure.
  • shoot4moonshoot4moon Registered User Posts: 1,278 Senior Member
    DD has finished her application for Loyola Marymount, and Raise.me did not come up. However, another poster said that the letter from the college acknowledged Raise.me, so clearly some schools consider it. I believe the university brought it up in the merit aide letter.
  • suzyQ7suzyQ7 Registered User Posts: 3,889 Senior Member
    @shoot4moon So they didn't ask about it in the common app, but they must have crossed checked the app vs Raise.Me and they know the student is on that platform. Hard to say if its a factor...

    I agree with the poster that its a good as a 'guaranteed minimum'. I haven't gotten around to putting in my sophmore's info yet.
  • ninakatarinaninakatarina Registered User Posts: 1,610 Senior Member
    I just saw this tool and it intrigues me, but we already have a fairly solid list of colleges. Is there a way to find out whether a college participates without actually signing up for the service?

    Their website is utter crap when viewed on Internet Explorer (which I am contractually required to use for my work so don't tell me to change browsers). It's a bit unprofessional.
  • laraleilaralei Registered User Posts: 815 Member
    I had DD sign up for this site. I am on my way out shortly so will come back to this later with my observations.
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