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Can anyone predict my EFC ( International student requiring to file a CSS , not a FAFSA )

SonicHypedSonicHyped 0 replies1 threads New Member
All amounts are given in US dollars and are annual amounts.

Parents ( total ) income from work : 27,000

Net income from real estate : 1200

All taxes, mandatory withholdings, and set-asides paid or withheld. Include
income taxes, state taxes, local taxes, levies, and mandatory retirement
payments. : 5000

Untaxed income and benefits : 2000

Home purchase price : 78,000
Current market value : 170,000
Amount owed on home : 16,000

Asset details

Current amount in cash, savings, checking, and deposit accounts : 10,000
Current value of jewelry, art, precious metals, and other valuables : 2,000

Living expenses ( food, utilities, educational expenses, medical expenses etc ) : 7,500

Parents participate in the following plans :
Employer sponsored retirement plan
Current value of tax-deferred retirement, pension, annuity, and savings plans ( total so far, not annual ) :40,000

Number of members in my family : 5 ( all dependents )
Cost for sibling's college fees : 2250

Value of 0 for anything not mentioned here.

This financial aid thing is really starting to become a headache for me. Any help regarding what my expected family contribution might be will be very much appreciated.


My personal stats
GPA : 3.96 UW ( most rigorous classes available )
SAT : 1440 ( 650 english + 790 maths )

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Replies to: Can anyone predict my EFC ( International student requiring to file a CSS , not a FAFSA )

  • aunt beaaunt bea 10271 replies70 threads Senior Member
    No one can predict your EFC except the college.
    They are the ones who look at their funding and determine what they CAN give to you.
    The EFC is a minimum amount of money that you are expected to pay.
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  • allyphoeallyphoe 2542 replies61 threads Senior Member
    edited January 2019
    You've listed income from real estate, but I see no real estate in the asset listings. Do you rent out part of the home you live in?
    edited January 2019
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  • SybyllaSybylla 4755 replies59 threads Senior Member
    What schools are you applying to? There is no definitive answer, the generous schools for internationals offer minimal admission chances. Financial aid is your only headache.

    How much can you pay for uni? Do you have plan B set up at home?
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  • CottonTalesCottonTales 1484 replies22 threads Senior Member
    No matter how many times you change your screen name and ask the same question, you will get the same responses.
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  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama 84329 replies1049 threads Forum Champion
    Closing thread
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