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Institutional Merit Based Scholarships (Full Tuition +)

HOBYNCHOBYNC 60 replies4 threads Junior Member
This thread is designed to give students and parents the opportunity to list the merit scholarships (offered by individual schools or school-based foundations) that they were offered or are simply aware of. The focus is on major scholarships, with preference to full rides, however other amounts are good as well). When listing, please post in the following format:

College/University Name
Scholarship Name
Website or additional info

Has anyone noticed that there are lots of college admissions books, quite a few books about outside scholarships, but NO Books specifically targeting institutional awards. And there are quite a few lucrative packages out there!
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Replies to: Institutional Merit Based Scholarships (Full Tuition +)

  • OathkeeperOathkeeper 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Davidson College
    Charles Scholarship
    Full ride--4 years

    A scholarship for Latino students and minorities in the Chicago Public Schools.
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  • HOBYNCHOBYNC 60 replies4 threads Junior Member
    To continue from above, here are many of the majors!

    Belk Scholarship
    Davidson College

    Robertson Scholarship
    Full tuition

    Lay Scholarship

    Morehead Scholarship

    Park Scholarship

    Bellingrath Scholarship

    Dean's Honor

    Presidential Academic

    Reynolds Scholarship
    Wake Forest
    Full Tuition

    Wake Forest
    $11,200 up to full need
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  • HOBYNCHOBYNC 60 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Please understand that the scholarships listed here are offered to approximately 1% of the students who apply for them. We refer to selective admissions rates as being under 50%, well- selective scholarships (full rides to tier one schools), those rates are well under 1%. Example, one of the major scholarships had about 900 students apply for it this past admissions season. They give four. So, if you are not confident that your stats and activities will even get you accepted, it is extremely unlikely that an elite scholarship is within grasp. This is not meant to dishearten anyone. However, an early understanding of the process/level of competition is healthier and more conducive to a successful/prosperous college matchmaking!
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  • HOBYNCHOBYNC 60 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Does anybody have additions?
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  • LukesterLukester 452 replies39 threads Member
    National Scholars
    Clemson University
    Full Ride
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  • maysixxmommaysixxmom 681 replies16 threads Member
    Washington & Lee
    George Washington Honors Scholarship
    $2,000 - Full Ride

    D received nearly a full ride (family cost = approx $2,500/year), but turned in down for Rice.
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  • OathkeeperOathkeeper 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Since the Charles is targeted for Latino students who get accepted into Davidson, the competition isn't as cut throat as these other ones. The sponsor usually gives 2 or three if he feels all the finalists can really do a good job at our institution.
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  • HOBYNCHOBYNC 60 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Yes, the majority of these posted are the major merit awards the schools offer. However, such as mentioned with the Charles, some target specific populations or a small pool of people. Look into those as well. At Wake Forest, for instance, there is a full schlolarhip available for students from a particular county in NC. At Duke, there is a scholarship for the highest scoring student in the NC Math Contest. At anderbilt, there is a scholarship for students from one particular region of Georgia. At GW, there is one for students in the DC public school system. Look for these- smaller applicant pools, specific qualifiers may bring you success.
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  • MrMatt07MrMatt07 62 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Jefferson Scholars Program
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  • quirkilyquirkily 1052 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Regent's/Chancellor's Scholarships
    University of California (all campuses)
    Full ride (offers stipend that varies by campus, but if your financial need exceeds the amount of that stipend, they cover all your financial need in grants. If that's the case, you pay only your EFC to attend.)
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  • SlorgSlorg 1970 replies39 threads Senior Member
    What does full ride mean?
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  • sr6622sr6622 3046 replies77 threads Senior Member
    full tuition + room + board
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  • OhMotherOhMother 137 replies11 threads Junior Member
    University of Delaware - Eugene S. Dupont Scholarship, full ride for 4 years, plus $2,500 for study abroad. You must be invited to scholar's weekend (top 100 applicants) and then based on interviews, they offer the ride to approximately 20 kids with the yield being approximatly 12 DuPont scholars per year. The remainder of those invited to the weekend are offered VERY attractive scholarships, from full tuition on down.

    John S. Morrison Scholarship - (I know the OP said institutional, but this is an obscure scholarship that is VERY specific and could be a wonderful opportunity for someone). Depending on funding, may be offered to one or more graduates from central Pennsylvania (specific counties are identified in the application) who will be majoring in math, engineering, or physical science and attending either Cornell, Yale, Carngie Mellon, MIT, Rensaleur, or Stevens Poly. Good for 4 year full ride at any of the above plus spending money. Don't know how you would go about getting an application other than asking your guidance counselor to obtain one as there is no on-line reference to this scholarship. (DD was offered but declined as she was not 100% certain she will remain in the majors identified and would then have to transfer to state U).
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  • JustaMomJustaMom 2730 replies98 threads Senior Member
    Arcadia University (http://www.arcadia.edu)
    Best part of these is NO additional application required!

    The Arcadia University Landman Scholarship: This full tuition ($25,500)scholarship recognizes academic excellence, outstanding leadership and community and volunteer service. A limited number are awarded to the top entering freshmen in the applicant pool each year. High School seniors are considered and evaluated for the award on the basis of their grades, class rank, SAT/ACT scores, and leadership in school and community. There is no separate application for the scholarship and students that apply for full-time admission will be considered. As Arcadia merit awards apply to tuition only, the Landman Scholarship replaces any and all other Arcadia awards that students might have received.

    The Arcadia University Distinguished Scholarship: This award recognizes academic excellence, outstanding leadership, and community and volunteer service. Freshman awards range from $8,000 to $18,000 annually for new students entering in fall of 2006 or spring of 2007. High school seniors are evaluated on the basis of their grades, SAT/ACT scores, high school rank and involvement. There is not a separate application for these awards. All students that apply for full-time admission will be considered.

    Transfer applicants who are accepted as full-time students will automatically be reviewed for Distinguished Scholarships. Scholarships for fall 2006/spring 2007 range from $5,000 to $12,000 per year for full-time transfer students entering as new students in fall of 2006 or spring of 2007. Awards range from $5,000 to $12,000 annually for those entering as new students in fall of 2006 or spring of 2007. Transfer students are evaluated on the basis of their cumulative GPA and coursework. Members of Phi Theta Kappa entering the University in fall of 2006 or spring of 2007 are guaranteed a minimum of $12,000 per year for full-time undergraduate study provided their cumulative transfer GPA (from all institutions combined) is 3.5 or better and they have earned a minimum of 30 credits. Additionally, completed coursework must be from at least two general academic disciplines, and, the student must have completed full-time course loads at his/her prior institution.

    The Distinguished Scholarship is renewable each year provided the student remains a full-time undergraduate in good academic standing.

    The Arcadia University Achievement Award: This award honors exceptional participation in school activities, community service, volunteer work or special talents. Awards range from $4,000 to $24,000 over four years (or, from $1,000 to $6,000 per year). Like the Distinguished Scholarship, students are automatically considered for an Achievement Award upon applying to the University. No separate application is necessary. The award is renewable each year provided the student remains a full-time undergraduate in good academic standing. Additionally, prospective Fine Arts majors may receive an Achievement Award based on the quality of their portfolio review and prospective B.F.A. in Acting majors may receive one based on their audition.
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  • iloveagoodbrewiloveagoodbrew 1666 replies15 threads Junior Member
    University of Pittsburgh

    Honors Challenge Scholarships- Full tuition
    Chancellor Scholarship- Above + room and board

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  • troublesomejasontroublesomejason 357 replies12 threads Member
    Tulane University
    Community Service Scholar
    miscellenous amounts up to Full Tuition
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  • Nameless8989Nameless8989 49 replies8 threads Junior Member
    U of Michigan
    The Sidney J. and Irene Shipman Scholarship
    $16,800/ $20,000 for instate; $36,800/ $40,000 out-of-state
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  • Nameless8989Nameless8989 49 replies8 threads Junior Member
    O yeah, and there's a small school in Michigan called Olivet that gives full tuition to any valedictorian matriculant.

    Oaks Scholarship
    Full tuition (to valedictorians)
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  • A2Wolves6A2Wolves6 4039 replies193 threads Senior Member
    I did this a while back, and I never got to finishing it, but here were the schools from 117-74 in US News, made it so it wasn't on any factor other than academic merit (eg. no financial need, minority status, etc.)

    Catholic University of America

    Archdiocesan/Trustees Scholarships: These full-tuition, four year scholarships are CUA's most prestigious awards. Roman Catholic applicants are eligible for the Archdiocesan Scholarship; non-Catholic applicants are eligible for the Trustees Scholarship.
    Students must have a minimum 3.8 GPA (4.0 scale), a minimum SAT of 1400 (Math and Critical Reading -- we do not consider Writing) or an ACT of 31 or higher, and rank in the top 10% of their high school class.

    Colorado State University

    Monfort Scholarship: Resident and non-resident entering freshmen admitted by March 1. Must rank in the upper 5% of graduating class or #1 or #2 in a class of fewer than 40 students, SAT score of at least 1300 or ACT of 30, evidence of leadership, service to community and school, and outstanding character.

    University of Kentucky

    The Otis A. Singletary Scholarship: Four-year (eight semesters) award covering the approximate total cost each year of educational expenses, including tuition, allowances for room, board, and books, plus a yearly stipend of $500. Requires a minimum composite test score of 31 on the ACT or 1360 on the SAT (M+CR) and a minimum unweighted 3.75 GPA (4.00 scale). Singletary Scholars are selected on the basis of academic performance, leadership abilities, and the potential of being a leader in their academic field. Twenty freshmen are named Singletary Scholars each year.

    University of Utah

    University Nonresident President's Club Scholarship: Nonresident high school seniors who will be entering freshmen; based on cumulative GPA and ACT/SAT scores, as well as proven leadership abilities, activities, and accomplishments.

    Nonresident Academic Full Tuition Scholarship: Nonresident high school seniors who will be entering freshmen, based on cumulative GPA and ACT/SAT scores. High academic achievers with proven leadership abilities, activities, and accomplishments.

    University at Buffalo (SUNY)

    The University Honors Program: The University Honors Program awards UB's top freshmen with scholarships which are renewable for up to four years and range from $3,000 up to the total cost of attendance at UB. The Honors Program also provides a wide array of academic support benefits, including priority registration, faculty mentors, advanced research opportunities, and special seminars.

    Northeastern University

    Carl S. Ell scholarship: Applicants for fall admission to Northeastern who have had outstanding academic achievement in high school and are in the top 1% of the accepted applicant pool.

    Ralph J. Bunche scholarship: Applicants for fall admission to Northeastern who have had outstanding academic achievement in high school and are in the top 1% of the accepted applicant pool.

    Reggie Lewis Memorial scholarship: Applicants for fall admission to Northeastern who have had outstanding academic achievement in high school and are in the top 2% of the accepted applicant pool.

    Drexel University

    A.J. Drexel Scholarship: Named after the founding father of the University, the A.J. Drexel Scholarship is a prestigious award given to full-time incoming freshmen who show exceptional academic ability as demonstrated through strong coursework, grade point average, class rank, extracurricular activities, and SAT scores. A.J. Drexel Scholarships are awarded in amounts up to $20,000 per year.

    University of Dayton

    Academic scholarship program: The academic scholarship program at the University of Dayton is designed to recognize academic excellence of high school seniors. Students interested in majoring in any academic program are considered for a President's Scholarship or a Marianist Heritage Award, ranging in value from $1,000 to full tuition. These awards are made to entering first-year students only. Applicants receive consideration for these scholarships on the basis of high school academic performance, and SAT Reasoning or ACT scores.

    University of Alabama

    Presidential Scholarship: 32-36 ACT or 1400-1600 SAT (math and verbal scores only) with at least a 3.7 cumulative GPA, will receive a Presidential Scholarship at the value of out-of-state tuition for 4 years

    University of Kansas

    KU Perfect Achievement Scholarship: These scholarships are awarded to Kansas students who achieve perfect scores on the ACT (36) or SAT (1600) college entrance examinations. Tuition and fees for four years of undergraduate study, housing in a traditional residence hall with a full meal package and a generous allowance for textbooks. Renewable for four years.

    Texas Christian University

    Chancellor’s Scholarship: No requirements given.

    Illinois Institute of Technology

    Camras Scholarship: Offers awards up to full-tuition for four years of undergraduate study (five years for architecture students); available to incoming freshmen with exceptional academic promise and ability, regardless of major; on-campus interview required; must have 3.5/4 GPA and a 29 ACT (with 29 math) or 1280 SAT (with 650 math) to be eligible; no supplemental application required

    Howard University

    Presidential Scholarship: SAT 1500-1600, ACT 34-36, GPA 3.75. Tuition, Fees, Room, Board, $950 Book Voucher, Laptop

    Founders Scholarship: SAT 1400-1490, ACT 32-22, GPA 3.5. Tuition, Fees, Room, Board, $500 Book Voucher

    Capstone Scholarship: SAT 1300-1390, ACT 29-31, GPA 3.25. Tuition, Fees, Room

    Legacy Scholarship: SAT 1170-1290, ACT 26-28, GPA 3.0 OR Ranked #1 or #2 in class. Tuition, Fees

    University of Denver

    Alumni Scholarships: Entering first-year students, upper 5 percent of high school graduating class, ACT composite of 32 and SAT combined of 1400 or better, demonstrated leadership ability, involvement in extracurricular activities, and community service. Full-time enrollment.

    Marquette University

    Raynor Distinguished Scholarships: High school rank at or near the top 5 percent (when applicable), ACT composite of 29 or SAT of 1300, Minimum 3.5 grade-point average (on a 4.0 scale) in all college preparatory courses, Demonstrated leadership in curricular and extracurricular activities, Interview required of finalists

    Saint Louis University

    Presidential Scholarship: This is our most prestigious scholarship awarded to a select group of our most academically qualified applicants. In addition to exemplary grades and test scores, presidential scholarship recipients demonstrate a strong desire to be of service, unique accomplishments in school or community activities involving substantial leadership, and recognition of extraordinary ability that extends to the state, regional and/or national level.

    North Carolina State University

    Park Scholarship: Each fall, the Park Scholarships office invites secondary schools in North Carolina and a select few in other states to endorse candidates for the Park Scholarship. Interested students are encouraged to speak with their guidance counselors in the early fall of their senior year about their desire to be endorsed as a Park Scholarship candidate. Students who attend a high school that is not on either high school list should review the "Instructions to Apply" section. To be eligible, candidates must be United States citizens and must matriculate into the university in fall 2006 as first-year students pursuing a bachelor's degree. Applications are due Nov. 1, 2005.
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