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Does announcing a commitment early sabotage matching of financial aid for Ivy?


Replies to: Does announcing a commitment early sabotage matching of financial aid for Ivy?

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 Registered User Posts: 3,702 Senior Member
    It's not leading anyone on. It's keeping your options open! You have no idea now how your daughter's grades and test scores will pan out.
  • skieuropeskieurope Super Moderator Posts: 39,480 Super Moderator
    edited January 11
    I hate leading coaches on.
    You don't and shouldn't lead the coaches on. It's fine to have a Plan B and Plan C (and it's fine that the Plan A coach knows this), and to thank coached D-Z for their interest in time. Remember, much can change in 3 years, including that coach A leaves. You certainly don't want the replacement coach (who will have his/her own prospects anyway) to be one that you yanked around.
  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone Registered User Posts: 19,938 Senior Member
    Don't lead coaches on. Be honest. Tell them you need more information, need to firm up financial aspects of college (be it athletic aid or need based aid or merit aid). Tell them you are considering other schools too. They'll know. Most sports are small communities and they all know each other.

    Don't be afraid to tell a coach you don't understand how recruiting works, what options there are for committing now or later, what negative consequences there are for committing early or late. I wasn't sure about having my daughter sign the NLI in Nov or waiting until April. I talked to the coach and she admitted that daughter wouldn't lose anything by waiting but wouldn't gain anything either, and it was just nice to have it over with. She was right, and for us it was right to sign early and be done with it but for someone who wasn't sure, it would have been better to wait.

  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 Registered User Posts: 1,015 Senior Member
    The ivy league schools don't give athletic scholarships, only need based FA.
  • Eeyore123Eeyore123 Registered User Posts: 969 Member
    It would be interesting if a school would even modify a FA offer based upon another school for an athletic recruit. It starts getting in the gray area of NCAA rules.
  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone Registered User Posts: 19,938 Senior Member
    The school has to make sure they are matching offers for athletic in the same way they match them for non-athletes. If Yale matches Dartmouth offers, it can do so for athletes as well as math majors. They have to be very careful to follow the same rules for everyone.
  • politepersonpoliteperson Registered User Posts: 217 Junior Member
    @Karmakid sounds like you might have made a decision, but I wanted to correct some statements made up thread. It is not the case that an athlete needs an actual offer of aid from another Ivy to get FA match. This will vary a bit by school and sport, but typically *before* the FA pre read coaches (esp. non HYP) will ask what other Ivies are recruiting the athlete and the FA pre read will be adjusted to the methodology that is most beneficial to the applicant. What is needed as ‘proof’ varies. Cornell has a form the applicant fills out and signs stating types and frequency of contact (if I recall correctly, 2 phone calls from another Ivy coach is sufficient). Some of the others have similar formal or informal processes. I’ve heard that in some cases the coaches ask for actual emails from other coaches before they’ll ask FA to match methodology but I think that may be a coach thing, not a FA office thing. I believe HYP will only match or reconsider if provided a copy of an actual pre read from another Ivy. I would ask the coach directly. I don’t know how pre reads would work for a current 9th grader but someone on the athletic recruits forum might. It’s possible they’re doing something like an early read for those early commits but more likely that kids committing that early to Ivies are full pay.
  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone Registered User Posts: 19,938 Senior Member
    The OP's child is in 9th grade and wants to commit and end recruiting. I don't think any school is going to care that the student was 'recruited' 3 years earlier for matching FA.
  • politepersonpoliteperson Registered User Posts: 217 Junior Member
    ^ yes, as I mentioned, I don’t know how a pre read would work for a 9th grader. I also don’t know within what time frame contacts have to happen (although in one case I know that contact from a rival program that started and ended in the summer before junior year was enough to get an Ivy to match FA methodology during a formal pre read the following summer). My point is that the claim made by several in this thread that an actual offer of FA is needed to ask for a match is not accurate. Indeed, a written pre read isn’t even needed in some cases.
  • anon145anon145 Registered User Posts: 228 Junior Member
    edited January 16
    HYP financial aid is supposed to be more generous than others. This sounds like girls soccer.

    If so delaying offers a year or 2 has no upside for the applicant unless they are hoping to go from Corn/Brown/Penn/Dartmouth interest to HYP.

    If the player doesn't progress as well as others or gets injured the verbal offer/interest will go away. even in junior year there will be no BINDING FA offers to compare. Use the calculators (be warned if your kids go to public schools and/or have other kids in public colleges) you will get less aid than the calculators.many seem to assume other kids are in private schools or colleges. But if this is soccer, assuming your kid loves school, and does decently on standardized tests/statewide tests most would "accept" an HYP offer knowing they will have the best FA. My 2 cents
  • TanbikoTanbiko Registered User Posts: 291 Junior Member
    "Can anyone comment on what is needed as "proof" for matching and when?
    I already did above. "Proof" is the written FA offer from another peer college."

    Yes, this is not always true. For example, if you had a verifiable interest from a HYP, a non-HYP may issue a "HYP" financial read without a written FA offer.

    The actual financial pre-read cannot happen until the July 1st of the senior year. By that time all recruiting spots may be spoken for. So commit but do not advertise unnecessary and save all correspondence with all Ivies. Many coaches talk to each other and most will know anyway.
    Anyone committing before pre-reads is committing conditionally pending positive academic (and in some cases financial) read. There will always be attrition and some game of musical chairs.

    The most important - if you truly cannot afford this school without some "extra generous" finaid you may have to be sincere with your child or there may be tears later. Cannot imagine going through this process in 9th grade.
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