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Twin 1 EFC is 35900 - Twin 2 EFC is 36000 EACH or SPLIT?

3kidscollege3kidscollege Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
I'm freaking out a bit...

My twins have decided on a school. The same school. I started looking for their EFC because up until this point, I never saw an email containing the SAR. ...So I went looking for their SAR and found it and it listed each of their EFC.

Twin 1 EFC is 35900
Twin 2 EFC is 36000

A lot of the previous threads talk about splitting the EFC. ...but a couple of the threads explain it as each child's EFC is their own. So what is it? I filled out the FAFSA separately for each TWIN, making sure I stated the fact that we will have two children attending college.

So... $36K for each twin? Or ~$36K for the family as a total?

Please help me clarify.

Thank you!

Replies to: Twin 1 EFC is 35900 - Twin 2 EFC is 36000 EACH or SPLIT?

  • twogirlstwogirls Registered User Posts: 6,747 Senior Member
    edited March 14
    I assume that each twin completed his/her own individual fafsa and that you indicated that there will be a sibling in school? If the answer is yes, then each twin’s EFC is $36,000. That number is not split...it means that if you did not have twins, your family EFC would be about $72,000.

    Did you run the NPC on their desired school? Does their school of choice also require the profile?

    Please remember that if the school meets full need and also requires the profile, you may have to pay more per twin...the Fafsa EFC may not be your final cost. Each school has its own formula.

    If their school of choice does not meet full need...and it is not one of your instate schools, you will likely pay a lot more than $36,000. If it’s an out of state public that does not meet full need...you may be paying $50,000 per twin unless they receive merit.

    Is their choice affordable? Do they have any acceptances that are?

    Ok I see that you filled out the Fafsa for each twin and indicated that there is a sibling in school..
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 74,372 Senior Member
    edited March 14
    Yes...it’s PER twin if you indicated two in college. If ony one, that EFC would have been about $70,000.

    This would indicate that your annual income is in the $200,000 a year range...or so....Or that you have some assets that are adding to this.

    Is this correct? If not, maybe there is an error on your FAFSA. Does the school use the Profile? Are you self employed?

    You say your twins have decided on a college? Did they receive a financial aid package from that college? Is the cost affordable for you with that aid?

    But more important...does the college guarantee to meet full need for all accepted students? If not, the EFC is the minimum you would be expected to pay.

    Does the college use the CSS Profile? If so, the financial info on that form would be what the college would use to determine awarding if institutional need based aid.

    You wouldn’t be eligible for federally funded grant aid even if the EFC was split in half.

    So...what was their financial aid award?

    Hopefully they chose this college knowing it would be affordable.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama Posts: 84,712 Forum Champion
    edited March 14
    Twin 1 EFC is 35900
    Twin 2 EFC is 36000

    A lot of the previous threads talk about splitting the EFC.

    The EFC was split. If you only had one child starting college, that child’s EFC would be about $72,000/

    That would indicate an income of probably $240kish? Or maybe less but a good bit of assets?

    Or you had a rollover? Sold stocks?

    So, if that’s not right, an error is somewhere. Look the info over and make sure that your income wasn’t it in twice or your income wasn’t put in the student section.

    What happens when you run your twins’ college’s Net Price Calculator ??? That might also give you an idea. Be sure that you indicate 2 will be in college. Do that now.

    What is your budget per year per twin??
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama Posts: 84,712 Forum Champion
    My twins have decided on a school. The same school.

    Curious. Why would you allow your twins to decide on a school without knowing the cost and any possible aid??? Unless you’re fine with possibly paying full cost or near full cost for both, you may need to do some back-pedaling quickly.

    I hope that after they “decided” they didn’t go and decline their other schools’ acceptances. If so, they’ll have to quickly contact them again to say that the declination was in error.
  • 3kidscollege3kidscollege Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank you for all the replies. It is greatly appreciated.

    While I would never ever consider us a "in need" family compared to the whole of country. We are below median household income for the are we live in. In short, even in attending an (in state) "state" school, the housing and meal plan costs is will 2x tuition costs per child. And for their freshman year, commuting isn't an option. Anyways, there is nothing I can say that won't make me sound awful and ungrateful. But two things and be equally true, we aren't a family that requires need per say, but the EFC is not realistic.

    Thanks again
  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone Registered User Posts: 20,579 Senior Member
    If it makes you feel better, there may not have been any need based aid even if their EFCs where half, or $18k each. With an EFC of $18k, they'd get no Pell grant or other federal money except loans, and they are entitled to loans even with an EFC of $100k each. The school can decided if they want to grant them any of the school's money with that EFC, and you may find a school does because there are 2 of them going to the same school. You should ask.

    Is there any merit money at this school?
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama Posts: 84,712 Forum Champion
    EFC probably sounds crazy because you’re looking at it as paying out of current income. But that’s not how EFC is determined.

    There is an assumption that some comes from “college savings,” some comes from current income, and some comes from parent-loan.

    That said, I know for many, it’s just not doable so they “chase merit.” That’s what we did. Since our kids went to private K-12, saving for college wasn’t that doable.

    You can put a bit back on your twins with an expectation that they work/save over summers and pay for their own textbooks (renting is often cheaper), and maybe their dorm items. They can also be expected to work a bit during the school year to provide “pocket money.”

    It sounds like you live close enough to this school to commute. You might check with housing....there may be a mile waiver that would allow your twins to commute. If not, then it sounds like only one year will require R&B.
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 74,372 Senior Member
    edited March 14
    Your EFC might not be something you feelyou can pay...but that doesn’t mean it’s not “realistic”. Everyone has the EFC calculated per FAFSA using the same formula.

    You say your instate colleges are too costly? Is there a community college where your kids could go that is within commuting distance?

    Why can’t they commute their freshman year? Is this a college requirement? What state school has that requirement? Most public universities have commuting students.

    Or is this a private university with a residency requirement for freshmen?

    And I ask again...how did you allow your twins to choose a college without first figuring out if it was going to be affordable for your family?
  • SybyllaSybylla Registered User Posts: 3,018 Senior Member
    edited March 14
    You must have the FA package, the FAFSA number is possibly irrelevant, is the package what twigged checking the SAR? If the FAFSA EFC of 36K is undoable, what is doable?
    Perhaps you could indicate your home state, your kids' stats and majors, the school they picked and the schools they have applied to? Your kids can take a gap year and reapply if they are higher stats kids seeking merit money. If they are not, then consider looking at the CC articulation agreements in your state. This is a horrible time to crunch the numbers for 2019 matriculation though? You have run your numbers with 3 in college as per your screen name?
  • bgbg4usbgbg4us Registered User Posts: 1,078 Senior Member
    @3kidscollege - It's such a rude awakening, isn't it when it comes to college costs? There are thousands of us parents who are in shock, and can't meet our EFC or close to it.

    If you have another kid coming up, stay around this forum and learn how financial aid really works. There are thousands of posts in this section. ** There's no secret sauce, tax write-offs , solutions, hidden methods or etc. when it comes to FA; but there are some ways to figure out how to make the best decisions. The regular posters here are helpful and knowledgeable. Good luck to your kiddos.
  • SuperSenior19SuperSenior19 Registered User Posts: 67 Junior Member
    Even though they're twins, they could have slightly different EFCs based on their own personal savings or income (eg, twin 1 works a part-time job and saves 2k, twin 2 doesn't). Since the FAFSA is separate for each of them, that's probably why it's different.

    Honestly, while I'm super glad that they split your EFC in half, thirds, etc. for the number of kids in college, I'm sort of surprised they do -- if you have two kids, you have two kids, twins or not. No complaints here though since it saves me money!! :)
  • mamommamom Registered User Posts: 3,599 Senior Member
    @3kidscollege - Having been through this with private middle and HS and college before, it is not surprising to me. But, it sure as heck was the first year my oldest was accepted to expensive private middle school. Too often though parents of HS students are not informed that FA will almost always be more than you expect and you need to do your homework before your kid applies to college. I hope it works out for you and the twins.
  • study411study411 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    same here... we in NY, DD got accepted to SUNY UB, got financial package last week, realized no way we can affor >35k tuiton/dorm, our EFC is calculated as 32K, so no grant or any aid, only thing is the $5500 nonsubzidized loan,
    learned from this forget about SUNY, very well just applied more private, at least they give some kind of grant,
    feel so guilty.... so sad, we paid so much in tax for others to go to college, but can't afford our own daughter
  • mamaedefamiliamamaedefamilia Registered User Posts: 3,189 Senior Member
    @study411. The UB website shows estimated costs (for 2018-19) at about 24K for in-state students. Have the costs gone up by more than 10K within a year? That sounds alarming!

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