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Aid that isn't Need-Based


Replies to: Aid that isn't Need-Based

  • MrThatcherMrThatcher 133 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Hey hey, @CottonTales no need for the hostile sarcasm. I just wanted honest assistance.

    And well @twoinanddone I think your right... no scholarships/grants can be acquired that are actually a lot and can make significant differences in the tuition amount. However, after searching for a while, it looks like I might be able to pull some internships at companies that are willing to provide tuition assistance in trade of working for them for a certain amount of time.
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  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 24749 replies20 threads Senior Member
    I think you are the one being sarcastic, especially about having to have not one but TWO $60k cars. We just don't believe you.

    Go get such an internship but I doubt they exist. Private companies cannot have you work free unless you are also getting college credit for the internship. They can't pay with tuition assistance in lieu of a salary.
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  • thumper1thumper1 78274 replies3527 threads Senior Member
    edited July 2019
    You said you aren't interested in need based aid because you don't qualify and then complain that your Pell grant was reduced. A Pell grant is need based aid.

    Where did this two expensive Volvo owner say he has a Pell Grant?

    @MrThatcher sell your cars. Pay your college costs. You can survive without a car. You can definitely survive without expensive cars. Your argument about needing a car is ridiculous.
    edited July 2019
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  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri 9850 replies377 threads Senior Member
    FAFSA screwed me out a little because it raised my EFC for my sophomore year.

    I think this is what led posters to believe OP has a Pell Grant. I wondered about that when he brought up the cars. He seems very concerned with outward appearances. Something he said in that thread (I forget exactly what) made me think that instead of being incredibly wealthy OP's parents may be on the other end of the spectrum.
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  • MrThatcherMrThatcher 133 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I said I was never eligible for a pell grant (which I find totally unfair). Plus, how would I get to work and places if I don't have a car? I'll admit after living with the new Volvo for a few weeks now.... I cannot at all live without the ventilated seats. I mean the heat is bad where I am but when I get into the new Volvo, it is like being engulfed in a sea of coolness.

    Anyway, you gotta keep a good image of yourself in life. That is the one thing people see you as. The right car can do wonders for your life and I know it did for me.
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