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USC Iovine Young Academy - An international prospective student with strong portfolio

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I am an IYA (Iovine Young Academy) prospective student from a South Asian Country (not India). Having strong interest in design, business and technology IYA is my top priority.

I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for more than 4 years and I am very confident about my design portfolio. Few of my design projects were featured on Behance interactive gallery. I also have a very decent portfolio on photography and cinematography. I have started working on my pitch video and very much optimistic about it as well.

My grades are good, 4.00 out of 4.00. Expecting decent scores on SAT. My high school standing was excellent.

About ECA, being a 18 years old, I have job experiences as a graphic designer from 4 different companies including country's one of the most successful startup. I have remotely worked with many US clients too.
I was the founder president of the Photography Club in my high school. Later I was rewarded as a lifetime member of the club for my contribution and making it nationally recognized. I was also the vice president of another club. I have achieved quite a number of national awards in photography. The list goes on.

I am very much optimistic about the recommendation letters and my application essays.

Right now I am attending the country's best business school as a freshman. But I am not quite happy here as my heart wants to study design from its core. Taking the situation into consideration, IYA is my top priority and only preference. Thus I am planning to apply to IYA as a freshman even though I will be losing a year.
But it's not possible for me to bear the tuition expenses IYA will cost me if I get accepted. This is beyond my family's financial capability. The only way I can afford USC is if I get a full ride. I have searched the internet and found out that USC isn't much generous to international students. Though it offers merit based scholarships, it is very very competitive.

Now here is the confusion I have been facing for last few days:
Should I give my best effort for this application even though I will be losing a year or should I continue studying business here in my country against my heart.

There are few consequences:
a. I give my best effort for this application and I don't get selected. Frustration!
b. I give my best effort for this application and I get selected but doesn't receive an affordable financial offer. Frustration!
c. any of 'a' or 'b' happens, my current grades in the current business school get damaged because I will be putting my efforts on the IYA application. Frustration!

How do I find an escape from the labyrinth of confusion? And what are my odds to getting selected for IYA and also getting a full ride?
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