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Vanderbilt Merit

middlingmiddling 21 replies8 threads Junior Member
Just curious. Has anyone ever hears of a CV or Ingram going to a kid (not an URM) with less than perfect stats (a perfect SAT or ACT and zero Bs)?
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Replies to: Vanderbilt Merit

  • curiousme2curiousme2 86 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Do the merit scholarships go to perfect stat kids? I thought they went to those with outstanding EC's.
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  • Sox666Sox666 19 replies2 threads Junior Member
    You do not need "perfect" stats to receive those scholarships!
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  • SincererLoveSincererLove 757 replies23 threads Member
    D is not URM and has good stat, but not perfect. All her scores are one take. 1550 New SAT and multiple 800s on subject, but 760 on math 2 (freshman year). She is a Chancellor scholar. She knows Ingram winner who actually couldn’t survive engineering and switched out of engineering. Not all scholarship winners are going to be top students in college.
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  • AnisqoyoAnisqoyo 51 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Does anyone have experience with CV scholarship that could answer a process question? Wondering if this particular scholarship requires an in person interview, and if so, who is present in the interview and what kinds of questions they focus on. Curious if it is specific to an intended major and/or drilling down into EC's and information provided in essays.

    Thank you for sharing any experiences you have had or any information you've learned from others.
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  • elena13elena13 894 replies15 threads Member
    I believe there is no evaluative interview for CV and selection is based on your overall application plus the CV application.
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  • northwestynorthwesty 3545 replies9 threads Senior Member
    "Do the merit scholarships go to perfect stat kids? I thought they went to those with outstanding EC's."

    Your stats don't have to be perfect. Merely stellar will do.

    My kid, for example, got one with "only" a 35 ACT.

    Plus a 4.0/4.7 GPA.

    Plus great ECs, leadership and essays.
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