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FAFSA and CSS profile question

nhdad2012nhdad2012 4 replies3 threads New Member
DS20 is applying to a few colleges that are asking to complete financial aid forms - he completed FAFSA and it's processed/sent to these colleges. Since our EFC is calculated to be higher than COA of all these colleges - I am wondering if we still need to file CSS as well? (basically we are not eligible for need based aid; submitted FAFSA for the sake of completion; wondering if CSS is also needed).

Not having CSS - will it affect admission decision in any way?
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Replies to: FAFSA and CSS profile question

  • EconPopEconPop 340 replies6 threads Member
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    From what I've heard/read, CSS is not only used to decide need-based aid. CSS can also be used by universities to help decide who receives scholarship monies and merit-based aid.

    If you know for a fact that your child will not seek any money at all, it's probably okay to skip the CSS.

    However, I think I also read that some universities use the CSS submitted for freshman entry for all four years. Those who don't submit freshman year might not be able to request funds in future years should their families' financial standing change in the future. You should check with the schools where you plan to apply to find out their stance on this.
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  • thumper1thumper1 75481 replies3310 threads Senior Member
    Check with the college to find out if you need to submit the Profile for merit aid consideration. A few colleges require this.

    Check to see if there are any restrictions in subsequent years for applying for aid if you don’t do so as an incoming freshman. A small move handful of colleges have these restrictions.

    @EconPop I believe the Profile for freshman year only would only be for folks who receive need based aid. Plus, if the financial situation changes for the worst, the forms would need to be submitted in subsequent years.

    One of my kids had to submit all forms as an incoming freshmen but this was only for disbursement of merit aid...note...not awarding but before disbursement. Our EFC exceeded the cost of attendance. The school did require a new Profile and FAFSA be submitted when our second child entered college and our financial picture significantly changed.
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