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Seek Financial Aid for all colleges or just some?

SportMom24SportMom24 3 replies5 threads New Member
We absolutely qualify for financial aid of some sort, Filled out the Fafsa form, etc. But what if we only want to apply to financial aid to some colleges not all?
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Replies to: Seek Financial Aid for all colleges or just some?

  • taverngirltaverngirl 1216 replies36 threads Senior Member
    You choose which schools to send the FAFSA to, but why wouldn't you want to apply for FA at all schools?
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  • SportMom24SportMom24 3 replies5 threads New Member
    Because my kid believes that there are a few "reach schools" that we'd have the rest of the family dg ditches to pay for. But not all. My kid is "right on the border" of being a shoe-in at 5 decent colleges, but a question mark at 2 slightly higher caliber. If she applies to the 2 higher caliber without asking for financial aid, I would dig ditches on the graveyard shift in addition to my regular day job for that. We do not think she would get into the "high caliber" ons if she were also asking for financial aid.
    Does that make sense, that she would be a more attractive candidate at the high caliber schools if she didn't ask for a financial cushion?
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 5857 replies1 threads Senior Member
    For need blind schools you might as well ask for financial aid, because asking will not hurt you at all.

    I am highly dubious regarding whether it is worth taking on debt to attend a university that is slightly higher ranked. There are a lot of very excellent professors who are teaching at a large number of very good universities. There are also a few bad professors teaching at any university, including the top ranked ones.
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  • BostonKnowsBostonKnows 20 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I don't believe any school is truly "Need-blind" anymore...admissions can quickly look up your street address on Realtor.com and see how much you paid for your home/date and.and see current estimate of market value...they can also estimate salaries of both parent incomes, see if you have other children going to college - now or in the next 3 years, etc. If your home has lots of equity, well bad news...but no one asks them to why they deny or give more to one student or another.......really, it's not based solely on the FASFA or CSS profile.

    Colleges are very savvy....do not think that they are altruisitc....it's a cash game for more than 50% of admitted students so they can offer huge scholarhips to the rest of the admitted class....just look up the numbers on the common data set...this is all published, not fake news folks.........
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  • helpingmom40helpingmom40 199 replies6 threads Junior Member
    $300,000 is an awful lot of ditches
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  • cshell2cshell2 817 replies10 threads Member
    There is no way I would skip applying for FA if we would "absolutely qualify". That seems like a very unwise decision.
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  • thumper1thumper1 76070 replies3352 threads Senior Member

    If your kid needs need based aid...apply for need based aid. Maybe you can scrape together one year of $70,000 a year costs...but can you do 4 years?

    Really, even if there is an edge for being full pay, it’s not huge. Your kid would still need to meet the standard for acceptance at these schools.

    I just can’t imagine NOT applying for need based financial aid if you really need and qualify for it.

    An acceptance without sufficient aid to attend might as well be a rejection.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 29904 replies178 threads Senior Member
    Apply for the aid.

    Which places are the ones you think you'd be willing to dig ditches for, and which are the ones you wouldn't be willing to dig ditches for?
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  • SportMom24SportMom24 3 replies5 threads New Member
    Wow thanks for all this great feedback! My daughter's college choices are all over the map, but for good reason, that she has excelled in several areas but has no idea what she wants to do. That's why this is a bit terrifying. I think there are 2 colleges that if she got into, she'd be able to pursue any and everything she wants and yes, they are both high-caliber. They are elite, yes, but not huge and I'm sure there are scores of kids just likelier applying.
    So maybe we don't seek FA for just those 2 schools? Is it as simple as removing those college names from the FAFSA list? Because I also see in eh Common App there is a Yes/No for "will you be seeking financial aid, correct?
    Thanks again for any clarification here.
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 2653 replies55 threads Senior Member
    I think everyone's point is this: Are those two elite schools need blind or need aware? You can find the answer on each one's web page.

    Often the most selective schools are the most generous with aid, so if you know you will qualify, it doesn't make sense to hold back. Also, there are some colleges where, if you don't file in your freshman year, you may not file again later. So if circumstances change and you need to start digging ditches to put food on the table instead of funding an education, your DD may find herself having to drop out. Researching this ahead of time can be cheap insurance.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8281 replies70 threads Senior Member
    Almost all the "elites" are need blind for domestic applicants. There is no reason not to believe them. Being full pay is not going to help you unless you are an international applicant.
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  • txstellatxstella 1124 replies7 threads Senior Member
    Are these FAFSA only schools? Have you filed the CSS Profile?

    Ask for financial aid.
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  • cshell2cshell2 817 replies10 threads Member
    Elite usually equals expensive. What is your EFC and how will you come up with the money to be full pay?

    What are the schools you're thinking of not applying for aid at?

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  • cinnamon1212cinnamon1212 666 replies8 threads Member
    Bates is need aware, eg.

    Look at the school's endowment. If less than $500 million, then being full pay can confer an advantage for borderline candidates. An inside look at how being need aware is in the recent NY Times article, where the reporter sat in on Trinity College's admissions office for one season.
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  • BelknapPointBelknapPoint 4693 replies17 threads Senior Member
    I think there are 2 colleges that if she got into, she'd be able to pursue any and everything she wants and yes, they are both high-caliber. They are elite, yes, but not huge and I'm sure there are scores of kids just likelier applying.
    So maybe we don't seek FA for just those 2 schools?

    Full stop. You must find out if these schools are need blind or need aware. The information will be on each school's financial aid web page. If you don't know what these terms mean, than learn. Based on your approach, everything you do depends on knowing this information.
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  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri 9221 replies343 threads Senior Member
    In spring 2018 you mentioned a sophomore son and a junior son. How many kids do you have, and how many of them will be in college next year? If your EFC is being calculated with more than one child in college, you should be aware that it can increase a lot when there's only one. How are you planning to pay for the others? I don't think you can dig enough ditches to cover 3 college tuitions.
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  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 15070 replies1020 threads Senior Member
    The ditches you would dig will lead you to be onTV in 10 years complaining about how you were forced to borrow an exobitant amount of money for your student to attend a decent college. And you would likely be beiing the government for relief from your bad decision.
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  • vonlostvonlost 18895 replies15096 threads Super Moderator
    I don't believe any school is truly "Need-blind" anymore... Colleges are very savvy....do not think that they are altruisitc
    Correct, not altruistic. Schools want the best students they can afford, and schools with huge endowments can easily afford to be truly need-blind in order to get some of those "best" (by their definitions) non-wealthy students. Schools with more modest endowments can be truly need-blind until the aid budget is depleted, to get those students.

    So, Sportmom, do ask for aid at every school. Also note that need-blind doesn't help if the school doesn't meet full need (NYU for example). And run the Net Price Caluculator for each school to see if there's a good chance you can afford it.

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