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Will I be able to receive PELL GRANT in different workforce programs?

anita1987anita1987 0 replies1 threads New Member
I want to say first. MY EFC is 0. I have been going to comunity college already for 3 semesters, I have never been in school before. I have received full pell grant each of the 3 semesters. I have been going to school for a Businnes Associate. My idea for the future is to open a Beauty Business. My comunnity college offers 3 programs I am highly interested in. A Cosmetology program(3 semesters), a Esthetician program(2 semsters) and a Digital Photography program(4 semesters). If I start the Cosmetology program and sucessfully finish it, will I be able to keep using PELL to attent the Esthetician program and Photography program? Can I get this 3 programs completed, using PELL. I will be using all of those skills learned in my business. I figured out I dont want to keep pursuing the Business Associate because I want to put my hands to work towars my business asap. All this programs are aproved for Financial Aid. It is my understanding that onve you finish a program, you dont get more PELL GRANT? Thanks!
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