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Tulane Class of 2024 DHS, PTA, Stamps

alice221alice221 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hello everyone!
I noticed there wasn't a thread for scholarships yet and I thought it would be good to have one. I was accepted early action and applied for DHS and PTA. I believe that last year the decisions came out in early February, but who knows when they'll come out this year.
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Replies to: Tulane Class of 2024 DHS, PTA, Stamps

  • gratefulmamagratefulmama 236 replies6 threads Junior Member
    My D applied for both scholarships as well, was accepted EA with a fellowship scholarship. I’m concerned as a fellowship recipient she will not be considered for the other two as her reward indicates she was not in the top tier of students accepted. Not sure if that applies or not but it does cast an added shadow of doubt.

    Did you receive one of the initial rewards? Good luck with the DHS & PT. Hopefully everyone will hear back soon.

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  • alice221alice221 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you! I received a founders award of 22k a year as did a friend of mine. I think stats, GPA, etc... matter to an extent, but obviously the strength of the essays/creative project will also hold weight.
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  • gratefulmamagratefulmama 236 replies6 threads Junior Member
    That is what we are hoping.... Best of luck!
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  • junebug20junebug20 17 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Tulane Greenwave portal said results will be out late Feb. Did they anticipate more applicants than last year?
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  • Pdog155Pdog155 4 replies5 threads New Member
    No @junebug20 the general message on Tulane's website regardless of the amount of applicants is always late February. However, it specifically says "by late February" so there is a possibility it could come out sooner. For last year, which also had the "by late February" notification, the decisions came out on Feb. 1st. This was most likely just because they had finished reviewing them all by then, so it just depends whenever they finish them. They just provide that date so people are aware of when to begin expecting a notification. For example, the notification date two years ago was February 20th. The later it comes out it may mean more people applied but we won't know that until it's released. So expect an answer between late january and late February.
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