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Scholarship for Volunteering (PVSA)?

NurseStavNurseStav 10 replies2 threads New Member
I was wondering if colleges give scholarships for a student who attains the Presidential Volunteering Service Award? I just achieved the gold level, +250 hours in one year, and wanted to see if I would get any monetary reward. The point of the award is to be able to present one's volunteering accomplishment through this award rather than getting the award for monetary compensation.
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Replies to: Scholarship for Volunteering (PVSA)?

  • aunt beaaunt bea 10088 replies68 threads Senior Member
    I think most schools expect their students to be volunteering in some capacity in your community. A scholarship for volunteering may be out there in your local community but you would have to search.
    FWIW: volunteering is such a common EC that I don’t think it’s unique, for instance:
    -There are a thousands of high school students, such as premed/nursing/PA hopefuls who volunteer thousands of hospital hours.
    -Boy and Girl Scouts are required to put in hundreds of volunteer hours through their projects, as well as, coordinating their own volunteer teams for their Eagle and Gold Awards.
    -Thousands of students develop their own tutoring clubs whereby they put in hundreds of volunteer hours to tutor low income or peer students.

    I could list a number of student organizations that have the requirement for volunteering, (such as NHS) but the point is that volunteering is not such a unique EC that would have a known specific scholarship.

    Your best bet is to search in your local community (VFW, Kiwanis, etc.) for organizations that may have some monies for local scholarships. These are typically not very large awards, maybe a couple hundred dollars, so it could help with your book expenses.

    Also, ask whomever presented your current award if they know of any opportunities.
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