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Cal Grant in Reserve amount

2BananaPancakes2BananaPancakes 0 replies1 threads New Member
So I'm planning on transferring to UCI from OCC this upcoming fall from the TAG program. From logging into my account with CSAC, it says that I have Cal Grant A money in reserve for when I transfer since that money wasn't awarded to me during my two years at a CC. My question is, since I qualified for Cal Grant A to be put in reserve, would I be getting two years worth of reserve money or just one? Assuming I get the full amount, one year is worth 12.5K so does that mean if I get two years of reserve money it comes out to 25K? I've gotten Cal Grant B from OCC for both years because they can't award A at a CC. My family income has stayed the same and is relatively low for both years and will likely not change. My EFC is expected to be around 0
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  • aunt beaaunt bea 10080 replies68 threads Senior Member
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    They are holding your reserve for two years. You’re not going to get a check for $25,000 when you leave your CC. You’re not supposed to make money on this deal. The monies are transferred and are supposed to go for your education.
    That means that they need you to complete your community college education in two years, so that you can begin to use the Cal Grant A monies at your transfer university.

    When you transfer to UCI, you need to contact the financial aid office and let them know that you have a Cal Grant A.

    You have a total of four years of “combined” funding for Cal GrantA/Cal Grant B. It does not matter how it’s labeled because your total funding is for four years max. (2 at CC, 2 at UCI).

    So you will have two years of funding at UCI. They’ll pay for year one, and then pay for year two, as long as you continue to file every year by March 2nd. Each years’ funding goes directly to the UCI financial aid office and you sign your paperwork to pay fees at the UCI cashiers office/bursar. If there are leftover funds, they give you a refund through the financial aid office (i.e. direct deposit)for your expenses.

    Contact the Cal Grant office. They’re very good about answering your questions; they’re very nice and they’re very good at explaining how it works.
    If you receive a Cal Grant A but decide to attend a California Community College first, your award will be held in reserve for up to two years until you transfer to a four-year college (as a Cal Grant recipient, your community college fees will be waived and community colleges don’t charge tuition). Be sure to inform the California Student Aid Commission of any address changes during this time. When you’re ready to transfer, be sure to notify the Commission so that your Cal Grant eligibility can be re-evaluated. Also, let your new college know that you have a Cal Grant A Reserve Grant.

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