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Job for EC not for EFC

i_am_jami_am_jam 25 replies13 threads Junior Member
While filling out my apps, I debated long and hard whether or not to include my one night per week waitressing job. Including it would show that I am a responsible young person, working her share, and it would be another varied extracurricular. Not to mention, I included it in one of my essays. The problem is, the job is under the table; My employers don't even know my last name. Therefore, there is no record of it. In the back of my mind I always worried "What if, by some crazy chance, they check and find no records. I could easily prove I worked there, but that would mean making it public that it's under the table and that could bring about consequences..."

In the end, the extra EC won and I included it on my app.

Now, it is time for money and as it's under the table, I don't want to include it so that I might get a little more money (an insignificant amount, really) and to avoid complications as to how much I actually make (it changes week to week) and why there are no taxes, etc. But, will colleges ever see this discrepancy? According to my application, I've spent 5-10 hours a week for the past 4 months working and yet according to FAFSA I don't have a job.
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Replies to: Job for EC not for EFC

  • sudokuwinnersudokuwinner 7 replies2 threads New Member
    yeah lol, under the table my ass, you probably faked it for your application and you're now panicking cos the financial aid won't tally.
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  • sblake7sblake7 1669 replies22 threads Senior Member
    I'd suggest you end the debate, and tell the truth.

    I don't think that any college will fault you for taking a cash job. The employer might have issues with the government, but you don't, so long as you file income taxes (if you made enough that it's required), and you include the wages on your FAFSA.

    The bonus is that it will match your essay. But the real reason to do it is because it's the truth, and the right thing to do.

    Student earnings under about $3500 won't increase EFC or decrease aid, so there's likely little downside.
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