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Cal Grant A and B Qualified, but Awarded B

lpfunlpfun Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
So this is my Cal Grant Award Status:

Cal Grant A: Qualified - Not Awarded
Cal Grant B: Awarded - On Hold
Cal Grant C: Not Awarded

For Cal Grant A I would receive $10,302 for 4 years.

For Cal Grant B I recieve $1,551 for living expenses and no tuition money for the first year. Then the next 3 years I would receive $1,551 for living expenses + tuition fees.

I know I am supposedly given the award that would benefit me the most for the long run but I calculated everything and I don't see how this is the case:

Cal Grant A: $10,302 x 4 = $41,208
Cal Grant B: ($1,551 x 4) + ($10,302 x 3) = $37,110

So in the end, Cal Grant A awards more money? If this is true, why would I be awarded B and not A if I qualified for both? Thanks!
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Replies to: Cal Grant A and B Qualified, but Awarded B

  • missemily516missemily516 Registered User Posts: 702 Member
    It may depend on what school you put on your Fafsa - Cal Grant A is only for private colleges, you can't get both A&B at the same time.

    What is the school that is listed on your Cal Grant summary page?
  • KenderKender Registered User Posts: 1,114 Senior Member
    That is incorrect, missemily516. Cal Grant A is not limited to only private colleges and can be used for any qualified California college, public or private. The award amount is based on which school you will be attending (example: less money is awarded if attending a CSU than a UC).
    Cal Grant A Entitlement awards can be used for tuition and fees at public and private colleges as well as some private career colleges. At CSU and UC schools, this Cal Grant covers systemwide fees up to $3,354 and $7,788, respectively. If you are attending a private college, it pays up to $9,708 toward tuition and fees. To get this Cal Grant, you need to be working toward a two-year or four-year degree.

    (emphasis mine)

    lpfun: Where are you getting the amount $10,302 from? According to the website, the max awarded per year with Cal Grant A is $9,708 for privates, $7,788 for UCs, and $3,354 for CSUs. Do you have a link to a change in funding for Cal Grant for the 2010-2011 school year? Or is this the amount that is showing when you log in? And what type of institution (CSU, UC, private, etc) are you intending to attend?

    Grants for College Students, College Grants, Grants for School California: Cal Grant awards
  • WowieWowie Registered User Posts: 397 Member
    I had the same thing happen to me actually.

    I don't understand why I would be awarded B. My schools on the list are all UC's and to the poster above (apparently you can get more because I got the same rewards as the OP).
  • mixedup92mixedup92 Registered User Posts: 88 Junior Member
    I'm in the same place as the OP I don't understand why they award cal grant b instead of a. From my friends the ones who are somewhat well off are getting cal grant a. Is there any way I can switch because I'd rather have the 10k I qualify for if I recieved cal grant a.
  • KenderKender Registered User Posts: 1,114 Senior Member
    Yes, but that doesn't answer my question of where this information is located as the Cal Grants website has entirely different information. I'm just curious about the extra funding and if this is a change for the 2010-2011 year. My Cal Grant hasn't updated yet and mine for the current year was only for winter and spring (so my Cal Grant was reduced accordingly). It's good news if there's a change due to the recent and upcoming fee raises, but I would like to inform the webmaster that there is an error if the max amount has increased.

    I can only speculate why you would receive B rather than A. The wording on A of "tuition and fees" makes me believe that it can only be used for tuition and fees. However, I don't recall reading anything specific to this. But, if so, this is why B is more valuable in the long run as you will automatically receive that $1,551 in living and book expenses (broken up by quarter or semester, of course) as a direct deposit or as a check. And if you are low enough income to receive Cal Grant B, then you might be receiving at least some Pell Grant and possibly some institution grants. This would probably account for the apparent "loss" by being awarded B instead of A.

    In my experience, B is far more beneficial than A when you have a low EFC. But you have to look at the whole financial aid package to see it, not just the one grant.

    So my next question would be: have you received any other grants beyond Cal Grant? Do you have any gaps in your financial aid package or was your full need met? And if the latter, was the difference between A and B for the first year met with loans or was it met with grants?
  • lpfunlpfun Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    Kender, I got the $10,302 directly from the Cal Grant website when checking my status. Here is what it says:

    Total Award Amount: $10,302

    And to get a Pell Grant, would I have to apply? or is one automatically qualified? I haven't applied for any other grants because I really don't know any other.
  • swimcatsmomswimcatsmom Registered User Posts: 15,702 Senior Member
    You have to complete the FAFSA to get the pell. If you are eligible for any Pell (EFC 4617 or under) then you should be awarded it by your school. There is no additional application.
  • KenderKender Registered User Posts: 1,114 Senior Member
    Interesting! I think I will have to do some more digging and watch my own account closely for when it updates to see what mine says. Are you going to a CSU, UC, or private? Thank you for the information.

    So you haven't received your financial aid package yet? If not, I'd highly recommend holding off on contesting receiving B over A until you've seen what the rest of your package looks like and then compare the benefits of one versus the other. I truly believe you will see B as of more benefit to you than A in the long run when the rest of your package is ready.
  • mixedup92mixedup92 Registered User Posts: 88 Junior Member
    if I were to recieve cal grant a would that disqualify me from the Pell grant? When will he entire package be complete?
  • ib612ib612 Registered User Posts: 447 Member
    i got the same thing:

    Cal Grant A: Qualified - Not Awarded
    Cal Grant B: Awarded - On Hold
    Cal Grant C: Not Awarded

    I have an EFC of 2K, so im wondering why i didnt get the higher 10k cal grant A? Is cal grant B really more beneficial?
  • alamemomalamemom Registered User Posts: 6,384 Senior Member
    You don't have to decide between A and B right now - your best bet is to talk to your financial aid officer about which would be the most beneficial. Last year, Arayrob made several informative posts about A vs. B - here is one of the threads http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/financial-aid-scholarships/688364-cal-grant-vs-cal-grant-b.html#post1062350711 For more information you might do a search of Arayrob's posts.

    Note - if you qualify for B, you can choose to take A instead - it will be up to you. Many students find that over four years, B is more beneficial.
  • somemomsomemom Registered User Posts: 10,472 Senior Member
    The UCs tend to take the B for any one who qualifies, B has more stringent requirements. Then the UC makes up the difference between A&B for the first year and in the subsequent years B is more than A
  • blawblaw Registered User Posts: 449 Member
    What if ... I qualify for Cal grant A & B freshman year because Dad is unemployed. When he gets a job, EFC will shoot up and I won't be eligible for Cal grant in subsequent years. Is it better to take Cal grant A in this case, after looking at the total grant picture for freshman year?
  • NorCalmaNorCalma Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    My daughter got the same thing and I talked to someone from the Cal Grant office. She told me to talk to the financial aid office and they will inform us on which is a better deal. There is a form to submit to change from B to A. It was included with the letter we received. It doesn't have to be done until September. I'm still a little confused about it but hopefully once we talk to her school they'll clear things up. Her efc is 0 and I'm sure they would give her the best choice in the long run. She just hasn't decided where she's going yet.
  • torreypinestorreypines Registered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    This past year, initially I was awarded B after being eligible for both A & B. Then the UC campus I was enrolled in mid fall quarter switched my cal Grant from B to A because it suited them. I guess given the uncertainty of UC financing this past year they preferred to take the higher Cal Grant A on the theory of " a bird in hand is worth two in the bush". Now that Cal Grants appear safe in the State budget, maybe it will be different this year. Overall though, if you get B you get a higher UC grant and conversely the higher Cal Grant A is offset by a lower UC grant.

    Overall, just be grateful for both the Cla Grant and the great value a UC education represents.
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