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Chances for international applicant?

KnadraKnadra 4 replies2 threads New Member
Hi, I'm an American living in Japan and I am wondering what my chances are for the major state schools in Florida, mainly FSU, USF and UF. I have attended a private international school for the last two years of high school, I did my first two years in Virginia.

My stats are:

GPA: 3.7 unweighted
SAT: 1900

I have 5 AP credits with at least a 3 on each exam.

My ECs include: NHS, 4 years of debate in the U.S. and Japan and 2 years of speech. I also worked at the U.S. embassy over the summer. Other clubs include UNICEF and Amnesty International.

With all this in mind, how much does applying internationally help my chances of getting into these schools? Thanks for the help.
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Replies to: Chances for international applicant?

  • KnadraKnadra 4 replies2 threads New Member
    I'd also like to add that I have a Florida prepaid plan, if that changes anything.
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  • KnadraKnadra 4 replies2 threads New Member
    I also forgot to mention that I have legacy (both of my parents for undergrad and grad school)
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  • Gator88NEGator88NE 6547 replies211 threads Senior Member
    Looks like you're a match at all three schools. UF puts more weight behind EC's, than FSU and UCF. UCF puts more weight on test scores (SAT/ACT) than the other two. I think none of the schools take your AP scores into account for admissions (but do for class placement/credit). Holistic admissions always makes UF seem a bit random in admissions. You should apply to all three schools.

    Good Luck!
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