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FSU versus Anywhere in South Florida

MBAtanm2015MBAtanm2015 1 replies2 threads New Member
I applied to almost every school in Florida (except for UF or UM) including private Universities and got accepted. I wasn't prepared for that, because I thought my options would be narrowed down based on not being accepted to some. My dilemma now is deciding where to go.

Basically, because I have no interest in Central Florida, I am trying to decide between FSU and any of the South Florida schools like USF, FIU, St Thomas, (already ruled out University of Tampa). My concern is as much for the attitudes and overall academic environment as it is for the reputation of the school and it's programs as far as performance. So what I am looking for feedback about are things like are the professors helpful or do they act like they are doing you a huge favor graciously allowing you into their school and allowing you into their classroom? Do you feel safe on campus or is there an excessive atmosphere of racism and social bullying? Things like that. Stats and exam pass rates, are things I can easily research on my own. But people's individual experiences with whether or not they are treated with respect at their school? Treated like adults? Treated like the valued customers that they are while they are paying thousands of dollars for an education? That is what I want to know.

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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 42143 replies453 threads Senior Member
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    If you ruled out UTampa, rule out St Thomas.

    Did you get into the Honors College anywhere?

    Students are NOT customers. They pay to have opportunities to learn in good conditions. Whether they take advantage of these opportunities is entirely up to them. People are the university are not in your employ nor are they there to serve you - they're there to enforce standards and give you opportunities to meet them. For example, there will be office hours. If you don't go, it's your problem, not the professors'. There are tutoring centers or clubs; if you don't register, it's your problem, not the university's. Do you see the distinction?

    I'm not sure what you mean (specifically) by "treated with respect" or "as adults". What I described above (given an opportunity that you're entirely free to take or refuse) is, to me, being treated like an adult. Also no one will wake you up, or come checking on you. If you don't do homework, no one will yell at you. If you want to go party before a test, no one will stop you. If you don't read your syllabus and don't know there's a test, it'll be on you, no one's there to remind you you're supposed to read the syllabus and use your planner (although most freshmen have a little seminar where the university makes sure you know how to read the syllabus, use your planner, use the library, etc.)

    USF vs. FIU: USF is overall better academically, but FIU has some excellent majors. So it'd depend whether you got Honors College or not, what you hope to study, what your strengths are, etc.
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