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Decision about Future Path

Fisherman23gpFisherman23gp 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited February 29 in Florida Colleges
So like a lot of students in Florida, UF was my top choice. Like another large majority of the UF applicants, I was rejected.

I still want to go to UF and I am exploring two pathways but am unsure about which to take. I can either go to UCF and transfer to UF or go to Santa Fe and transfer to UF.

I'm planning on appealing my decision since I applied as an international student and they did not get all the information that UCF asked for since I had already submitted my application when I got the new paperwork.

I can knock out all my prereqs for my major (civil engineering)in two semesters at either school and am currently leaning towards UCF because I have some friends I could room with and my relationship with them would allow me to skip a lot of the awkwardness of getting used to college living since we are already close and have similar goals in terms of both wanting to transfer to UF. I also feel UCF has more name recognition and this would let me become a more competitive candidate for transfer.

I heard that Santa Fe is a feeder school for UF and that you get priority as a transfer if you are studying at Santa Fe, however, this seems like it would not be anything formal and I want to know if this is actually correct.

I have 100% Bright Futures so the money isn't a big problem. I would need to get a job for both paths (not something career-related, just enough to ease the financial burden on my family in terms of food and such)

Would it be better to do 2 semesters at UCF and then apply as a transfer student to UF or do the same at Santa Fe?
edited February 29
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Replies to: Decision about Future Path

  • rickle1rickle1 2788 replies23 threads Senior Member
    @Gator88NE should be able to give you lots of useful information.

    All I can tell you is many do the transition from Santa Fe. I'm sure others do it from UCF but UCF is becoming quite popular. If you go that route, you may find you like it and want to stay. Nothing wrong with that either. Very strong in engineering and feed the space coast quite well if that's of interest.
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  • Gator88NEGator88NE 6547 replies211 threads Senior Member
    What @rickle1 said!

    Plenty of kids transfer to UF from UCF (engineering), but you may find it hard to leave your friends and make the jump. Both options are great.
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