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Culture at Florida State ?

bmclaren2021bmclaren2021 2 replies15 threads Junior Member
I’m currently a junior in high school and I’m in the process of searching for colleges. FSU really caught my attention and has almost everything I want in a school. (nice campus, party scene, academics, big sports school, good size) Also, I’m interested in finance and information systems, both of which FSU seems to excel at. I know that the school is made up of mostly kids from FL. I’ve been to SoFlo tons of times and have family in the ft Lauderdale/Boca Raton area and I know that, being from upstate New York, the people and the culture are not too different. However, I’ve never met anyone from (or even been) northern/ central FL or even some other southern states so I don’t know much about the southern culture. I’m from upstate New York. DISCLAIMER: For people who don’t know, upstate ny(Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo) is NOTHING like NYC. I live outside of Albany. It’s very rural and while New York is seen as liberal, a large portion of upstate ny is conservative. I’m not too worried about the change in culture if I attended FSU , however, my main concern is making friends and being excluded based on where I’m from and NY’s reputation. Also, I would want to join a frat and I am concerned about how being from the northeast will affect me getting a bid. Hence I have a couple questions.
1) Is there a lot of OOS kids at FSU? If so are a lot from NY?
2) are there any frats typically have a lot of oos kids?
3) is there a lot of southern culture at fsu/ will it be a culture shock?(I have nothing against southerns)
4) if u don’t think FSU will be a good fit, what other schools in FL should I take a look at?
Any input is very much appreciated!
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Replies to: Culture at Florida State ?

  • newjerseyseniornewjerseysenior 153 replies2 threads Junior Member
    FSU is mostly Florida students but there is the fair share of oos studentsw
    I think you should be fine with fraternities. Im from NJ and I know a guy from NJ in Pike
    I dont think you will have a culture shock at FSU
    I would look at UMiami honestly since you're from the north. FSU isn't really "Florida-like" it feels more like Georgia or Alabama, the people don't but Tallahassee does. It has also become IMPOSSIBLE to get into! Good luck!!
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  • vistajayvistajay 1612 replies28 threads Senior Member
    I think you will be fine. You seem open to meeting new people from different backgrounds. If you have the grades and scores for the FSU honors program, consider applying. FSU is attracting high-qualified OOS applicants with its scholarships and growing reputation, and you'll meet lots of OOS students of varying backgrounds if you live in the honors dorms.
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