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Transfer credit listed as transient and wrong term on transcript

serr113serr113 36 replies20 threads Junior Member
edited October 2013 in Florida State University
I'm really confused...the other day I noticed that the courses I took at Broward College over the summers are listed as if they had been taken in SpringA.

The admissions lady told me this:
"Our records show that your Summer 2013 Broward College transcript has been received and the credit has been posted to your file as transient work. We have listed your summer credit as SpringA 2013 in our system to avoid any future confusion between Florida State and Broward College credits."

I was accepted to FSU a week after summer ended. So now my unofficial transcript looks like this:
Fall 2009
SpringA 2011
Fall 2011
Winter 2012
SpringA 2012
Fall 2012
Winter 2013
SpringA 2013

All these were taken at BC, and it was not transient work. Has this happened to any other transfers?? To me, this creates more confusion. My academic adviser got confused too when she saw my transcript but I thought it was because they had abbreviated summer weirdly.
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Replies to: Transfer credit listed as transient and wrong term on transcript

  • SweetheartCrocSweetheartCroc 582 replies7 threads Member
    Were you a student at FSU when you took the classes at Broward? If so, I think that would make you a transient student (from the perspective of Broward CC).

    FSU also shifted some of my credits from one semester to another. I can't remember specifically, but I think it was from the summer to the spring, or vice versa. It shouldn't really matter, though. Different schools have different names for their semesters. "Winter" may be "Spring" somewhere else.
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  • serr113serr113 36 replies20 threads Junior Member
    No, I wasn't :/ I hadn't been accepted to FSU yet. But in my transcript lists summer as spring and then there's also winter...it's weird because it's like it says I went in Winter 2012 AND Spring 2012...which are the same term...but different classes.
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  • PasbalPasbal 1905 replies95 threads Senior Member
    Have you talked to the registrar's office about this?

    I'd probably just either go talk to them or call them and ask. It's possibly an oversight on the admissions people's part (if even that).
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  • papertiger87papertiger87 653 replies28 threads Member
    My transcript is all messed up too, as some semesters are listed differently because I took some Intersession classes and Summer classes at my CC. Does it really matter? Now I'm wondering if I should contact them about it.
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  • NONEOFNONEOF 3 replies0 threads New Member
    I thought I was the only one. My transcripts are all messed up too after I transferred from my CC. I don't really care how they put it as long as they have all my credits!
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