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What do i have to do to get into FSU?

sean1833sean1833 Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
edited November 2011 in Florida State University
I'm going into my Junior Year
I failed 2 half credits Freshmen year.
And got a citation for fighting in school, along with suspension for 5 days
3 day suspension for excessive tardies sophomore year.

I am out of state(but i lived in Tampa most my life if that might help at all)
Current weighted GPA:2.096 unweighted-IDK
ACT score:N/A im taking this next year
SAT score:N/A i dont know if im gonna take this at all
Extra Curricular's: Pep Club Sophomore year.

I am planning on getting straight A's next year, which will also get me placed in advanced classes, so my unweighted outta go up to. I had my dad buy an ACT computer study program that guarantees a 5 point increase in ACT scores, I am aiming at a 26-30
I am a smart person, just really lazy, and i messed around freshmen and sophomore year doing nuttin but smoking and drinking and hangin out wit friends, basicly anything but work, i only passed basicly cause of my test's in my classes cause i hardly did any work that had to be done at home including projects, and sometimes i wouldnt even do class work. I used to be an honors student through elementary and most of middle school, i just started getting lazy. In addition to that me making up my 2 failed half credits will raise my GPA and i am planning on taking online classes to replace older classes i messed up in, but i obviously cant replace all of them, ima just replace my lowest ones.
I am trying out for baseball, i used to play before high school, and im trying out for cross country, doing year book, and pep club again.

so my goals are by the time i apply

GPA weighted-3.0 or higher
unweighted-3.3 or higher
ACT score:26 or higher
Extra curriculars: 2 years of pep club and on my 3rd
1 year of year book and on my 2nd
1 year of baseball and on my 2nd
1 year of cross country and on my 2nd

I know i might not make the baseball team or cross country team, but there part of my goals

What would my chances be if i made these goals, and would FSU consider the fact that i had a bad freshmen and sophomore year?

What else should i include to get into FSU?

This is my dream school and i will do ANYTHING to go to it, i have wanted to go here most of my life.
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Replies to: What do i have to do to get into FSU?

  • sean1833sean1833 Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    Also how hard is it to get into FSU for anyone, i heard there pretty easy, but its prolly mostly UF rejects that said that in that forum i read. And UF seems to reject everyone.
  • sunnyfloridasunnyflorida Registered User Posts: 4,790 Senior Member
    Ask again in a year. A GPA of 2.0 will not cut it even for in state.
  • sean1833sean1833 Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    Well i wanna know if its worth doing all that
    If not Arizona State is my backup choice
    If i dont have a chance at getting accepted after all of that ima just get good grades next year and get a 2.5 gpa, and a 18 ACT and im in ASU
  • xSidx1337xxSidx1337x Registered User Posts: 264 Junior Member
    *This is my dream school and i will do ANYTHING to go to it, i have wanted to go here most of my life*

    The average SAT for Class of 2014 (via the FSU channel's youtube video) was around a 1260. Hell, i got a lousy 1120 back in last year, so i can tell the admissions criteria are going up. You will need close to that average. But here is where your pitfall is, your GPA.

    My reccommendations: Don't skip class. Honestly, being the coolest kid in highschool doesn't mean anything when you will be spending the hours you skipped with kids at your local community college rather than enjoying the four year college life. Stop fighting, kids aren't worth your future.

    You're GPA unweighted means a lot more than weighted. Under a 2.0 unweighted is failing even highschool. You need to take your life more seriously if you wish to come to Florida State. You're GPA if atleast CLOSE to 2.0 unweighted, can possibly get to a 3.0 or higher if you buckle down. That also means, take harder classes. AP's will be your salvaging point. Make A's in your AP classes, it doesn't matter about the test grades you get on them really. It's all about the grade. Sure, you can do well in an AP and get a good test grade, but admissions will see your GPA before any AP tests.

    SAT and ACT you will probably need higher than the average. Aim for 1270+, it's imperative that they either see high GPA vs mediocre SAT or mediocre GPA vs high SAT.

    Good luck to you.
  • sunnyfloridasunnyflorida Registered User Posts: 4,790 Senior Member
    If you want this, work harder than you ever have. If you have a 2.0 GPA and have taken half of your HS classes, after a year of ALL A's, the best you can hope for is a 2.6 GPA, but another year of all A's can bring it to a 3.0. If you take honors and AP, you can bring the weighted up to 3.3-3.4. It can be done, but it will take hard work. FSU has gone on record being concerned about high SAT low GPA students and the "lazy" aspect. And when to get to a Division I school fall during football, it can make for a disastrous first semester. So if you want it, work your butt off. And come back in a year with all new numbers and see where you stand.
  • MastuhDangMastuhDang Registered User Posts: 128 Junior Member
    The best thing to do is to get your AA at a community college, and transfer. It's a fresh new start, that way, if you have and fully committed to a goal of achieving straight A's in college, youll have a pretty high GPA to transfer with.
  • sean1833sean1833 Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    i am planning on taking online classes to replace older grades, so that will raise my GPA significantly, but that will be after my 1st semester next year, i have to prove to my parents that i give a **** basicly, and they aint paying hundreds of dollars for classes for nuttin.

    I now do realized that f'ing around in school was just stupid my first 2 years, i doneslty didnt give a ****, i laghed at my 2.3 gpa during my first semester of freshmen year, i wish i could go back and change it, ever since i moved to Tennessee i started hanging out with the wrong people, and not giving a ****.

    So do i still have time to get in?

    And act's are free at my school so im not sure if i want to take sat's. When i can take act's cause you need to get a 12 to graduate in tennessee. We even have designated day that the whole junior class has to take them, like finals or the F-CAT. Plus ACT's are suposually easier because they dont deduct points for guessing. And there multiple choice.

    And what about curriculars, how does FSU look at applicants with allot of them compared to applicants without them.

    Damn its a good thing i luv FSU and not Florida cause its hard as hell to get into there. But i hate Florida so i wouldnt go even if i were smart enough, id rather rute on the noles thenthe Gaydors any day. But anyways thanks for your impute on everything so far i appreciate it.
  • DnerdDnerd Registered User Posts: 1,105 Senior Member
    You keep referring to UF's toughness, but FSU isn't easy to get into.. I honestly think you have a really long way to go before they'd consider accepting you. All you can do is try to get your GPAs (both unweighted and weighted) up above 3.0 and study like crazy for the ACT and SAT. Btw, you'll have to write about all of your suspensions in an essay so be prepared for that, and try not to get anymore.
  • sunnyfloridasunnyflorida Registered User Posts: 4,790 Senior Member
    FSU does not let you replace a bad grade with a good one unless your high school totally replaces the grade. If you take a core class and get a D and repeat it and get a B, FSU and state U's will average the two together. Obviously if your school totally replaces the grade on the transcript, this may not happen. But FACTS.org always has every grade, and FSU has access to that and uses that info. So it is not as easy as blowing of a course and now being serious and asking that the D be ignored because you took the class again.

    It will be an uphill battle to get into FSU.
    Admission to The Florida State University is competitive. It requires graduation from a regionally accredited high school with certain high school academic units, a cumulative grade point average (GPA) in those academic units, and test scores as outlined on this page. Satisfying these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

    The academic profile of the middle 50 percent of freshmen accepted in 2009 was:

    3.5-4.1 academic GPA;
    25-29 ACT composite; 1700-1930 SAT total

    A variety of other factors are also considered in the review process; these include the written essay, the pattern and quality of courses and curriculum, grade trends, class rank, and educational objectives.
    This is from the website and has not been adjusted for 2010 admits.
  • srqman1srqman1 Registered User Posts: 67 Junior Member
    1260 is the average now? Dang. It's getting tougher by the year.
  • FutureNoleFutureNole Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    I would take the SAT over the ACT. ACT has science, and it really screwed my grade because I got a 23 on it. My composite was a 26 which is okay, but I'm sure it would have been better without the science.
  • torioreotorioreo Registered User Posts: 304 Member
    Take both. Usually people do better on one rather than the other. One of my friends highest science experience was basic chemistry, a requirement to graduate my high school anyway, and she got a 30 on the ACT...much better than her 1800-something SAT!
  • Christina17Christina17 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Did you ever get in asu?
  • surferbeachsurferbeach Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    As a School Counselor, if FSU is where you want to go, don't give up on it! It just may take a bit more work.

    Take the toughest courses you can next year, practice good study habits, and experience challenging coursework. Some tough CP courses considered part of a rigorous curriculum include: Precalculus (or equivalent), Level 4 of a Foreign Language, and Lab Sciences (particularly Physics).

    Enroll in a 2 year community college, balance study and extracurriculars, and strive for the highest GPA possible. Get help from your professors as soon as you are having trouble. Admitting you have trouble could be THE deciding factor in keeping your GPA high. Also, look into the academic resource center (which includes peer tutors who got As in those classes) and consider making study groups with high-achieving classmates.

    Check FSU's transfer requirements and preferences, such as if it is better to pursue an AA, complete all Gen. Eds., or follow a transfer agreement. Find out what is possible by out-of-state applicants. Get to know your Transfer Adviser and consult your CC and FSU's websites.

    My cousin went through the same situation in high school, earned a near 4.0 at community college, and transferred to her dream school.

    Good Luck!
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