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Fordham LC Vs. NYU

ace1054ace1054 Registered User Posts: 272 Junior Member
edited March 2008 in Fordham University
Does anyone know what similarities and differences the two share? Is nyu more liberal and LC more conservative as i've heard? What are the areas of manhattan like that each are situated in? anyone care to elaborate?
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Replies to: Fordham LC Vs. NYU

  • AMILkitaAMILkita Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    well, from my uderstanding NYU is very liberal, and I know for a fact that Fordham - at least at Rose Hill - is very conservative. I've never met so many republican students as I have here at RH. It's driving me mad...j/k lol.
    I would probably say that is the only thing I don’t like about Fordham being a democrat and all, not too many middle of the road points of view.

    As far as were each school is situated, I'm not so sure you can measure that with NYU. NYU does not have a campus per say, they have buildings spread through out the city. The closest you'll get to a campus at NYU is if you go by the Stern School of Business building located around Washington Square Park, and in the vicinity you will find the school of law and a few other buildings spread out. That's why I decided not to go there. Hope this helps.

  • supercowsupercow Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    Ive heard the same things. I know people who go to both schools and i have visited several times. Fordham is run by priests, so yes, it is very conservative. Nyu is very liberal.
  • sarit_omsarit_om Registered User Posts: 372 Member
    But, I would like to point out, in college there is a place for everyone.
  • supercowsupercow Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    yes, of course.
  • jaskatjaskat Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    But it's not completely restricting, is it? I mean, there's no uniform or anything, right? I mean, I guess when compared to NYU, Fordham is way more strict, but at the same time, it does let you do your own thing, does it not? That's the impression that I got.
  • supercowsupercow Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    Nobody will snub you if you are a democrat at Fordham.

    I have a friend who went to fordham and then dropped out of school all together because HE felt fordham was too restricting. He wasnt really the "fordham" type, though. He felt that what they taught was restricting because they make you take religion classes. He found fault with fordham because, according to him, fordham was very preppy, conservative and high school-ish. Alot of people dont care about their work, and there are alot of "required" classes, like high school.

    My others friend who goes there(who loves fordham), and other reviews I have read say that a typical fordham student is generally "white, italian or irish catholic, rich and snobby and conservative..alot of jocks".

    Fordham is a great school, and many people love it. It really depends who you are. My friend is obsessed with fordham and could not imagine not going there. My friend who goes to NYU would rather die than go to fordham.

    Personally, I was obsessed with Fordham before I really knew much about the social scene. I later learned that it can be difficult to make friends if you are not really a "fordham" student. I probably wont go, because I had bad expereinces at my old school and Im looking for a place with diversity and friendly people, which I am told, fordham lacks.

    In short, Id say there are just as many people that hate fordham as there are that love it. It really depends who you are. College IS all that you make of it, as lame as that sounds. You could really find your place at any college.
  • aselig01aselig01 Registered User Posts: 373 Member
    I go to Rose Hill so I can provide some insight regarding this campus..

    First off, I am one of those people that cannot imagine being anywhere else. I love it here. The Rose Hill campus is (in my opinion) in one of the best locations because you have an actual, green campus in the middle of the city life. I love manhattan, but I honestly don't know how I'd handle the "no grass" situation.

    Yes, the rose hill campus was used for a J-Crew catalogue, and yes there are preppy people. However, fordham is taking great strides in trying to diversify the student population and that can be seen-- I've met people from different countries as well as all over this country.. three people from hawaii said that they love it here. There's alot of diversity even on my dorm floor- I'd say only around 50 percent are white. I came from a high school that represented (literally) almost every nationality possible, and I feel like I've fit right in here at Fordham.

    Regarding religion, they don't enforce it on you at ALL. I'm not catholic, and I don't feel out of place at all. It's very liberal for a catholic school. My roommate is jewish and is fine-- I've met a surprising number of non-catholics.
    Yes, a religion class is required, however, it doesn't preach christianity.

    Regarding work: yes, there are people who don't care about their work, but many, many students do. My friend turned down UPenn for Fordham and he studies alot.. another turned down Georgetown for Fordham, and another turned down NYU for Fordham... they all study and care about their work (while maintaining a steady social life). The students here do care about their work, however, studying definitely isn't the only thing students do-- there is alot of drinking on the weekends. However, once sun. rolls around, it's back to the books for the most part, because you must be ontop of your work here to succeed. Regarding professors, they are always here for you and want to see you succeed and do well-- there are many excellent profs here. The profs, however, aren't afraid to fail you. If you don't put in effort, expect a horrible grade.

    The people here are all friendly, in my honest opinion. The social life is great with bars and such being down the street and manhattan such a short distance away. It is very possible to make lifelong friendships with many fordham students. The city brings everyone closer together in my opinion because it gives people so many opportunities to go out and explore together. Just remember to be safe-- the bronx is definitely NOT montana-- you can't walk out and expect to be safe at 3 am. You must use common sense-- Fordham doesn't only teach you book smarts, but it also teaches you street smarts. There have been around 6 instances where students have gotten hurt, but unfortunately, they were lacking street smarts-- the main thing that fordham students must remember is that they CAN get hurt if they place themselves in a bad situation. If you're smart, you're fine.

    The food isn't all that great, I'll be honest. Off-campus food is excellent.. especially with little italy so close. There are alot of stores on Fordham Rd. as well.. (basically any store you can think of). The metro north train is right outside of campus (to get to grand central) and the 4 and the D subway lines are further down the street.

    All in all, I love it here and it's been the best, busiest , most rewarding, most stressful whirlwind of events during the past few months. I wouldn't trade it in for anything.
  • jaskatjaskat Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    I'm beginning to think that maybe I should've applied to the Rose Hill campus. The main reason why I applied to LC was because it was a bit closer to home, even though I'm dorming, and that it was in the city. All I'm hearing though are negative things. Is there someone who lives in LC who can talk about the campus?
  • supercowsupercow Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    yeah. thats what I want to knnow. I know from the people ive talked to and the reviews ive read that people seem to love rose hill, but the people at LC seem to hate it. Mostly everyone ive talked to from rose hill tell me its amazing, but those at LC tell me not to go there.

    anyone from LC have something nice to say?
  • jaskatjaskat Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Are you dorming, supercow?
  • supercowsupercow Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    If I went, I would dorm, yes. I live in CT sooo I would have to!
  • jaskatjaskat Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Hehe, yes. Would be a long commute if you didn't. So is FCLC your main choice right now?
  • supercowsupercow Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    Hhaha yeah, it would. Well, FCLC WAS my 1st choice, a long time ago. Then I started looking into other schools. NYU and Smith were tied as my number one choices. Followed by fordham.

    Im conflicted because I really love the city and would love to live in LC, but nobody has anything good to say about it. Everyone at Smith is really nice and I know id make alot of friends there. Im still deciding.
  • jaskatjaskat Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Well if you do decide on LC, I hope to see you there.
    (see some of the incoming people shall have to be nice :p)
  • fordhamgrad23fordhamgrad23 Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member

    I am curious as to what university you ended up attending. I realize this an old thread, but your syllogisms are so awful that I would be hard pressed to believe that you got into NYU or Fordham.

    Fordham=run by priests=therefore very conservative

    There are so many errors in that syllogism that I do not even want to bother dissecting.

    living in connecticut=dorming necessary

    Again your false syllogism is sad.
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