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Fordham LC for business?

f4ngz77f4ngz77 Registered User Posts: 155 Junior Member
edited February 2013 in Fordham University
Hi Everyone, I'm an admitted student to Fordham LC. I applied to LC over Gabelli because I really wouldn't want to live in the Bronx, while I think living in the city would be great. How do you feel about going to LC for business (economics), and minoring at Gabelli in finance? Would this be a good route, or is this totally unheard of?

Any comments appreciated!
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Replies to: Fordham LC for business?

  • RamRayRamRay Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    Unfortunately, they really don't allow students enrolled in one college to take many courses in another that are not shared by the Core Curriculum... But I am glad to report that what you want to do is very do-able. From the Fordham.edu site:

    "In conjunction with the Gabelli School of Business, students in Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH), Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) or Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) may complete a minor in business administration. The business administration minor complements the liberal arts core by providing students with a clear and concise way of analyzing issues in economics and business. The minor may be helpful to students who plan to look for a job after graduation or to pursue the study of law or business.

    So you would major in economics at FCLC and minor in business (finance) at Gabelli.

    A win-win for you!
  • anglegrindermananglegrinderman Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    Lots of people do some combination of business and econ. It's entirely feasible.

    Fwiw, the Bronx is "the city." The people here just have darker skin and aren't as likely to be lawyers/doctors/i-bankers. If you come to the Bronx from anywhere but Manhattan, you'll recognize it's a big, dense city in its own right.

    Alas: if you were entering Fordham just a few years later, you could major in business at FCLC....
  • RamRayRamRay Registered User Posts: 368 Member

    I don't know what your perceptions are about The Bronx, but living on the beucolic Rose Hill campus is not quite the same as "Living in the Bronx". I invite you to visit the Bronx campus, talk to kids, look at the dorms and determine for yourself if it is what you imagine. As you will be commuting between campuses on the RamVan to persure your courses, you will be able to enjoy what each campus (very different) has to offer. Who knows? you may want to dorm on Rose Hill instead of LC. Stay open.
  • RamRayRamRay Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    BTW f4ngz77, Have you had a chance to visit both locations?
  • f4ngz77f4ngz77 Registered User Posts: 155 Junior Member
    Yes, I have visited both locations, seen dorms at both locations, spoken to random students at both campuses, etc. I didn't like how Rose Hill felt. To me, it's as if it is a beautiful, safe island that's surrounded by a completely scary and unsafe area. While your within the gates, it's great, but I wouldn't feel safe leaving campus. My tour guide at RH said,

    "There really aren't THAT many incidents of students getting mugged, etc. You just have to be smart. For instance, don't walk around texting or someone will grab the phone out of your hands and run"

    To the guide, this sounded completely acceptable. To me, I was shocked and completely discouraged from coming to RH. On the subway to LC, a woman told my mother: "Please don't send your son to RH. There are reports of students getting their faces bashed in."

    On the other hand, LC felt much safer. I felt as if I could step off campus and grab a bite to eat, where as at RH I could only feel safe if I was within the walls that surround the campus. Honestly not trying to bash the school - I think Fordham is an excellent school, I just wouldn't be interested in living at RH.
  • LeftyLouLeftyLou Registered User Posts: 624 Member
    I can't speak for RH other than what I've read about safety on this board, but you are right, at LC, my daugher feels completely safe walking around and taking the subway at night.
  • sovereigndebtsovereigndebt Registered User Posts: 1,326 Senior Member
    First, these questions pop up every semester, every year. Rose Hill is very safe. Incidents happen everywhere, including beautiful bucolic Dartmouth where a student was murdered. Urban cities have issues and urban campuses also do. Fordham is no exception....but also not dangerous for anyone using common sense.

    The statistics are actually quite moderate at Fordham.

    Second, Fordham is more than half female students. Thousands of them. My kid was there four years and never had one issue. Not one. She also didnt go drinking late at night and wander around in Belmont alone.

    Female faculty at Fordham will tell you its safe.

    Its eclectic and eccentric outside the gates. Yep. Urban Plunge at Fordham stressed getting to know the neighborhood. Restaurants in Little Italy cater to Fordham faculty and students and family...for DECADES. They depend on them for huge business.

    Many students do internships in the Bronx and are completely safe, respected and appreciated. My kid was one of them.

    Suburbanites and kids from sheltered environments out of state often get freaked...understandable if they dont know the environs. We are not New Yorkers and we had some concerns. But we also ate in Little Italy many many times, late at night and walked home without incident. Ever.

    The beauty of Rose Hill is its setting....both its gothic campus and its surrounding neighborhoods, including world renowned Botanical Gardens outside the main gates. Many Fordham kids take the train into Manhattan....for jobs, interviews, shopping...its clean, safe and convenient.

    Fear not, but respect common sense and good behavior. Imagine being in Chicago at Depaul, UChicago, Northwestern with all the murders they are having there....

    Its fine to ask questions...its normal. We are hear to set the record straight. Fordham security is very good.

    Finally, RamRay is incorrect. MANY students take courses and double major or minor in liberal arts from the Business School, or major in History or Philosophy and minor in business or economics at Rose Hil. Done all the time. Check with your advisor to map out your schedule and plan.

    Gabelli is the ruby of the business minded at Fordham. Unbelievable opportunities. A campus in Beijing. Many students have studied in Europe as well. Including London School of Economics.

    LC is a different feel, smaller and centered around performing arts and liberal arts. If that is you, fine. But don't run away from Rose Hill out of fears. yes, there is an adjustment..a culture shock. Its New York. But its perfectly safe and highly rewarding. Embrace the Bronx.
  • anglegrindermananglegrinderman Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    I don't think you can double major in business and a FCRH program, but cross-college minors are common.

    Otherwise, sovereigndebt is right. I think the OP's experiences with a cynical tour guide and a fearful [likely suburban] mother on the subway were misleading. Why couldn't you walk around texting on your iPhone? Absurd. Bronx locals would be iPhone-ing all around you. The problem is that culture-shocked students conflate "Don't wave your $200 phone around at 2am on a near-empty street" with "Don't use any cellphone ever." And re: violent crime, it's not "lololol there aren't thaaaaat many" but rather "there aren't that many." People, both students and locals, get into fights here as they would anywhere else--and not much more often than they do anywhere else.

    Everything around RH is very safe during the day. I do think you could make a coat of taped-together $100's and walk through any street in the Bronx and not have any problems--as long as the sun was up. After around 9pm, you stay on main thoroughfares (Fordham Rd, Arthur Av, Grand Concourse) and you don't have any problems.

    Heck, if you think any street in Belmont is a "completely scary and unsafe area" even at 3:30am, you probably shouldn't come to RH, because we really don't need any more suburban kids here perpetuating stale stereotypes of a dangerous Bronx. It's 2013, not 1993; the Bronx is working-class, but its crime rate compares favorably with that of other cities, especially considering how poor the average resident is. Check the numbers:

    Bronx: link
    LA: link
    Minneapolis (almost twice as many crimes per 1,000 residents as in the Bronx, with the same level of violent crime): link
    Atlanta (almost 3x as many crimes per 1,000 residents, with 50% more violent crime than in the Bronx): link
    Manhattan (similar amounts of property crime, about 1/3 less violent crime): link

  • RamRayRamRay Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    "Finally, RamRay is incorrect. MANY students take courses and double major or minor in liberal arts from the Business School, or major in History or Philosophy and minor in business or economics at Rose Hil. Done all the time. Check with your advisor to map out your schedule and plan."

    Well, in this case sovereigndebt, I beg to differ. My D, who just graduated, had wanted to take a number of classes in Gabelli. She was told if she did not transfer to Gabelli or declair a full minor in Gabelli, she could not take the classes she wanted. I am sure there are circumstances that will differ and some classes allowed, but this was just last year and this is what she was told by her advisor.
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