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Another transfer thread

annaphilomenaannaphilomena 0 replies1 threads New Member
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Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting on CC, although I've been lurking and reading a lot of posts.

I'm currently a student at a fairly large, prestigious public university. I like it a lot--academically as well as socially--and am earning a 3.9 GPA. However, I am from central NJ and my school is in the Midwest--not so far away, but homesickness, among other factors, makes it especially trying.

Thus, I am thinking of transferring to a school in the NYC metropolitan area. I will be attending my current school for the next year and then transferring as a junior.

As you can tell, I am considering Fordham, which I loved my first time out, as well as NYU (of course). The first time I applied to colleges, I wanted to be a theatre/acting major. However, I didn't get in to any really good acting programs (and neither of the aforementioned schools' programs, although I did get into Fordham academically). After a gap year, I realized that I didn't really want to act and ended up where I am now, studying other humanities. However, after even more self-discovery, I am back on the theatre/film track, this time with directing (at Fordham) or directing or filmmaking (at a place like NYU that has a filmmaking program). (My other loves are creative writing and English, so I want to be able to do that). (N.B. I am considering TWO programs at NYU--drama directing and filmmaking. I realize that eventually I will have to choose one to audition for.)

I'm not looking for chances--now that I plan on doing directing rather than acting, I'm far more confident in my audition/portfoilo/interview ability, and as I've mentioned I've been fortunate to earn good grades and participate in fulfilling ECs at college. However, I was wondering if someone could illuminate the pros and cons of NYU, Fordham LC, and Columbia--their directing or filmmaking programs, where applicable. I am, as I mentioned, interested in studying English as well, and possibly communications--which is a pro for Fordham, clearly. General thoughts are welcome, as well as more specific experiences and pointers.

As I would be transferring as a junior, I'm concerned about social life--I have amazing friends at my current school, which is the main negative about transferring. (I would likely be living at home and commuting, so I realize it will be difficult, but I'd just like a general impression.)

Also, I keep hearing about how bad NYU is with financial aid, which is a concern. Therefore, I was wondering if, given the more freeform nature of the final two years in the Drama department, it's possible to go there part-time one's final year and save money. (As a transfer to Tisch, at least for the drama department, I would have to go at least three years [five total].)

I've barely done any research on Columbia yet, so thoughts on that are welcome. Right now, I have good feelings about aspects of both Fordham and NYU, and I will admit that the name factor of NYU is something of a draw. However, I do, of course, plan on going where I'm happiest.

I do have a few more questions, but I thought I'd test the water with this first.

Thank you!
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Replies to: Another transfer thread

  • ghostbusterghostbuster - 1537 replies53 threads Senior Member
    First, transfering as Junior is always more problematic than as a sophomore, because not all your credits may transfer over and its also hard to complete graduation requirements on time. So be careful.

    Next, your change of heart on majors is not unusual. Kids change a lot at your age. That is normal. So be easier on yourself and relax a bit. You are young and have lots of time.

    Think long and hard about transfering. The grass is not always greener, or as green as you think it is.

    I can't speak with any detail or authority on FCLC-Theatre Program or whether they will take you at this late stage. Did you apply already? Did you hear back from them? Are you "in?"

    In general I am opposed to transfering unless there are compelling reasons. I usually recommend kids to finish what they started. Then if they have other interests, to pursue them in graduate study or picking up what they need somewhere else.

    You have a very high GPA. Good for you. But upsetting that may not be what you want and schools grade differently. In other words, dance with the one who brung ya, is how I come out. You can always pick up a BFA in theatre later.

    Just my opinion, of course. Everyone is different. Good luck to you.
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  • Rob2391Rob2391 56 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I actually just transferred from Fordham to NYU (Stern) so I can speak on the process of transferring into NYU. Most of, if not all of your credits should transfer because you attended a 4 year university, the problem is if they will transfer as elective credits or if the will fulfill core requirements. You should contact NYU/Fordham or look at the core requirement for each school and see if anything you took or your school is similar or the same as the courses at NYU/Fordham. For NYU your going to need to provide syllabi for evaluation of your transfer credits so make sure you keep a copy of every course you take/took. And NYU is horrible with aid trust me so you should look for all the scholarships you can get. Fordham gives way more money (scholarships/grants)
    Good Luck
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  • sandkmomsandkmom 909 replies37 threads Member
    My S is an incoming freshman to the Theatre major in performance and was also accepted to Tisch. He did a little research on Columbia but ultimately decided he was more interested in their masters programs then their undergrad Theatre major which is run out of Barnard so I can't really give any info there. But he is also planning to double major with English so you do have some things in common.

    First, I agree with ghostbuster and I would really assess your desire to transfer as a Junior. See if there is something you can do to change the problems you are having at your current school. If you are homesick, come home more often. It is bound to be cheaper than adding time onto your undergrad education. You have to remember that the honeymoon will wear off wherever you end up and that no school or program is perfect.

    Second, if you are certain that you must transfer, then assess what kind of degree program you want. Fordham Theatre is a BA. Tisch may be a BFA...it is for performance. That is ultimately why my S chose Fordham over NYU to begin with, well that and the Jesuit education. He also got a great scholarship to Fordham and nothing from NYU as we don't qualify for additional Financial Aid other than the unsubsidized Stafford loan. But the scholarship did not play into his decision and he found out about it after he made his decision. But back to you...Columbia is probably a BA also. It will be easier for you to double major in a BA program then in a BFA where you will spend 3/4 of the time in classes/lab/production for your major. It is possible to double major at NYU in a BFA program and you can certainly focus on your writing as well BUT I'm not sure you can manage both as a Junior transfer without adding even more time. You said yourself you'd be adding another year at a very expensive school just to finish the major. Try to double and you might just as well have completed your bachelors and then a masters program for all the time you will have invested in your undergrad education. Personally, I don't think it is worth it at all. You would be far better off with an advanced degree in directing then a double major bachelors at NYU.

    Third, I am not sure that any of these programs will accept a Junior transfer and you will have to talk to the right people in the departments to get the answers you need. Maybe Columbia will because they are not an audition/interview type program at the undergrad level anyway...at least not for performance. Of course, you'll check into it for directing. But as you know, both Fordham and NYU require interviews and portfolios. Fordham Theatre majors all start out with the same courses in Collaboration since creating Theatre is a collaborative process. So you'd likely be starting out with the incoming Freshman although you'd have more freedom in your schedule to double up because you probably would have met at least some of the core requirements. But this major and all of the tracks have very specific programs. I'm not sure just how many times they will allow you to double up. Like I doubt you can take Collaboration I & II or Acting I & II or Theatre History I, II & III in a semester and you need those classes to take the upper level major courses. So again, I'm not sure you can graduate from Fordham "on time" either as a Theatre major even though it is a BA program. And to be honest, they only talked about people coming in to the major as a 1st semester Sophomore if they didn't audition/interview or weren't accepted as a Freshman.

    My advice? I would finish out your bachelors at the prestigious public university that you already attend. You didn't say if you were majoring in English or Creative Writing but if not, then try to pull out a double major or a minor rather than lose time transferring. I would then investigate masters programs in Directing or Filmmaking at NYU and Columbia (Fordham doesn't have an MFA) and consider that instead. You've changed your mind before and it happens all the time...you might end up deciding against that route altogether in another couple of years.

    Transferring into the kind of program you are looking for is going to cost you time and money. If you are concerned about NYU's terrible financial aid, you should be equally concerned about the costs involved in transferring. You are really going to have to get your information directly from the people in charge of the department's at Fordham, Columbia and NYU and not from CC. Only then can you consider whether this path makes sense for you.

    If you are absolutely certain you will be transferring, then consider Communications or English or Creative Writing majors as opposed to directing and filmmaking because you may just be able to graduate on time. Good luck! :)
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  • happy1happy1 24031 replies2408 threads Super Moderator
    Overall, I agree with other posters that if you are going back to your current college next year, you should do everything you can to try to make it work, even if it means making a few extra visits home. It sounds like you are very successful academically and have found great friends so that is a hard combination to walk away from.
    Anyway, I can't speak to the theatre/fine arts programs so my comments are more general.
    -I think it could be hard to transfer to Fordham as a junior and graduate in 4 years given the school's very large core.
    -I think socially it could be tough to come in as a junior, commute back and forth from central NJ and develop a great social life. You might not even want to make the trip back to NYC on weekends and you would need to get back home late at night.
    Best of luck whatever you decide to do.
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