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LC Housing Shopping Suggestions

sandkmomsandkmom 909 replies37 threads Member
edited August 2010 in Fordham University
Calling NYC2013 and ramfan2013...

Since you guys went through the shopping for LC apartments last year, I was hoping you could give me and any other incoming freshman/parents some ideas on things that you bought and didn't need and things you wished you brought or ended up running out for. I know there are tons of threads on this in other CC forums but I think LC is unique in that it is an apartment and so clearly there are more needs than the typical freshman.

Also, could you tell me how you coordinated who was bringing what in terms of kitchen and cleaning supplies, microwave/tv and if it worked out or if you ended up shopping together when everyone got moved in. I wonder if my S and his roommates will actually coordinate anything (other than who's bringing the tv and video games) and also if they will ever clean the apartment?!!

I already bought my S a comforter, sheets, mattress topper & pad all in Twin XL and that was easy enough. I am less concerned with the bedroom supplies although would like to hear your thoughts on what was and wasn't necessary and what you used to store stuff under your bed. But really I wonder how you handled other things in your apartment; if you left your shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc. in the bathroom or carted it back to your room; how you managed cleaning and whether you shared stuff like condiments, cooking oils and spices, saran wrap/aluminum foil, etc.

Thanks for any info...this seems a bit more overwhelming than I originally thought it would be!!!
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Replies to: LC Housing Shopping Suggestions

  • ramfan2013ramfan2013 56 replies1 threads Junior Member
    i love this post.

    first, in terms of coordinating, i bought all the stuff that was personally mine before housing assignments came out, just to get it out of the way and start getting the stuff i knew i would want, like the comforter, sheets, desk lamp, etc that are used for my part of the bedroom.
    once housing assignments came out, my suitemates and i all friended each other and created a little group on facebook that was just us so we could all figure out whose bringing what. since i live in florida and wasn't able to bring some of the bigger stuff, i volunteered to bring little things, like some kitchen utensils and supplies and as many plates and silverware as i could bring, while my suitemates that lived in the area brought the tv, microwave, etc.

    everytime any of us bought anything for the dorm that was to be shared communally we would post it on the group so that everyone else knew either not to buy it or if they thought we would need more to bring more themselves. it worked out well, and we ended up with most of the stuff we needed by move in.
    one thing that you can never have too much of is toilet paper and paper towels! we had all of our closets so stocked with paper towels from move in that we never actually had to buy any all year, but toilet paper went quick (especially in a dorm of 8 girls!) and it was always a hardship figuring out who should buy it this time, so be sure to stock up on that.

    for the bathroom, it depended on personal preference. we had 5 girls in one bathroom, and 3 in another, so in the bathroom with less girls they all kept their stuff in there pretty easily, and some of them used those shower caddy things that have pockets for all your stuff and hang on the wall. for my bathroom, some of us left the esssentials in the bathroom (like the shampoo/conditioner/soap in the shower, etc) and kept some things in the room so we could easily switch bathrooms if one was being taken up in the morning and we were rushing to class (it definitely made my life easier to keep my toothbrush and toothpaste out of the bathroom, let me tell you!).

    in terms of cleaning supplies, we came in with very little. my roommate brought a swiffer, but that was about it. you can always sign out a vacuum from the RA on duty, which we did every so often. for actual cleaning, you get to a certain point where you just can't stand it any more and it just happens. every so often we would all just reach a breaking point and clean out the common room of all our stuff, and about once or twice a semester my roommate and i would go on a cleaning rampage of the entire apartment, at which point we would make a trip to duane reade to buy any cleaning supplies we felt we needed. but, every room is different and had a different system for that.

    in terms of sharing food stuff, like i said i brought most of the cooking things, like baking sheets, utensils, etc, while someone else brought pots and pans, etc. it was typically bring what you think you might use, so the girl in our dorm that cooked the most brought the most stuff, since she knew exactly what she would need more than us.
    for sharing condiments, that is something the boys need to work out themselves. in my room we had a system where unless our name was on it, it's fair game as long as your considerate about it, and we also had a sharing bowl of stuff that anyone could have without asking.
    one thing we used A LOT- dish soap, a drying rack for plates, and towels. also, be sure that there's enough trashcans in his apartment, there should be three in the kitchen alone! (one for trash, one for plastic recycling, and one for glass recycling). also, don't forget stuff for laundry, like laundry detergent or dryer sheets.

    one thing to remember is that there will typically be very little elaborate meals prepared in the kitchen, unless your son or any of his roommates are gourmet chefs, so don't worry about anything extravagant, like spices or oils or any of that. we bought aluminum foil and saran wrap we didn't touch once. a lot of the times, you just don't have the time to really cook, so we ate a lot of easy mac and frozen dinners, as well as takeout and the caf, all of which don't require a lot of work in the kitchen.

    also, don't worry about not bringing enough stuff- you can always buy whatever you need in the city! there's a bed bath and beyond just six blocks up the street, and during orientation there's a night where the kids can go with their roomies to buy whatever they need and get a 10% discount or something like that for it. although it can seem overwhelming now, everything falls into place once you move in and see exactly what is needed and what isn't very quickly.
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  • storr1234storr1234 4 replies3 threads New Member

    You seem a very nice person and I would like to ask you several questions about LC? I'll be sending you a private message. Is that ok with you?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
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  • ramfan2013ramfan2013 56 replies1 threads Junior Member
    storr1234 that is more than fine! i look forward to hear from you.
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  • sandkmomsandkmom 909 replies37 threads Member

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an informative post!

    I figured you'd need paper towels but was wondering about toilet paper. It kind of surprises me that they don't provide it at the school with the highest room & board. I guess everyone should bring some of each to start.

    On the desk lamp...did everyone have one? Is the lighting not good enough?

    What kind of school supplies did you need? Did you use notebooks to take hand written notes or use your computer in class?

    Are there hooks in the bathroom for hanging towels or those shower caddy things you were talking about?

    I know they can buy whatever they need and I can send stuff in anyway...my H works in the area. I'm just hoping to send my S in with as much as I can to avoid having to pay NYC prices for the basics. I really appreciate your help. Thanks! :)
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  • sandkmomsandkmom 909 replies37 threads Member
    Slightly off topic but I'm also wondering how you felt ResLife did in putting people together in the apartments. The housing survey wasn't overly detailed according to my S.
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  • ramfan2013ramfan2013 56 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I would highly suggest the desk lamp, the lighting in the bedrooms are pretty dismal. For school supplies, that is up to personal preference. I took notes in a notebook and then transferred them to my computer later because I quickly learned that if you bring your computer to class it will be really hard to concentrate. But some people are able to do it.

    In terms of the housing situation, it seemed to me last year that they did a pretty good job of putting the BOYS together in terms of compatibility. A lot of the guys freshman dorms seemed to get along pretty well, and most of them were close friends. There is always the occasional odd man out, but hopefully your son won't be in that situation. Girls dorms were much less compatible, but that's only because there are so many more of us that it's probably harder to organize that.
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  • sandkmomsandkmom 909 replies37 threads Member
    Thanks ramfan2013 for all the info you have given! You've made it easier to wait for the housing assignments to come out. :)
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  • storr1234storr1234 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Looking for Ramfan2013 :

    Ramfan I send you a private message and I hope to hear from you soon.

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  • sandkmomsandkmom 909 replies37 threads Member
    Hi, Ramfan2013!

    So the housing assignments are in and my S you may have read is in a triple bedroom on the 3rd floor. Do you know if there are triple bedrooms designed for three or are they all forced triples? And if they are forced triples do they often detriple over the course of the year? I know there is less housing at LC and I imagine they do have a waitlist as well so I'm kind of expecting that my S will remain tripled...and I will save nearly $4k...for the full year.

    My S's roommates are both from CA as is another suitemate so I am assuming that the larger items will fall on my S and his suitemate from NJ. The suitemate is bringing the TV and TV stand and I have a microwave to share so I'm ok with that. Did you have your microwave on a stand or cart or did you just have it on the counter? I imagine there is not much counter space to begin with and taking it all up with a microwave doesn't seem wise but as you said another time (or was it NYC2013?) there isn't a lot of heavy cooking going on anyway.

    So as I suspected there isn't a lot of coordinating between my S and his future suite/roommates. Perhaps it's a guy thing. My S did just have 4 wisdom teeth pulled so he's not taking any leadership roles here either! So the shopping is mostly on me and I decided to read over your helpful posts from earlier this summer. I have about everything you suggested but on the garbage pails, you said you need 3...1 for trash, 1 for plastic and 1 for glass recycling. I haven't lived in NYC for the past 10 years but when I did plastic and glass could be recycled together. Is that no longer the case? Or is it a Fordham thing?

    Also wanted to know if you have heard anything about bedbugs in the dorm? I have heard so many reports on the outbreak in NYC including one this morning.

    Thanks for all your help. It is always appreciated! Have a great year! :)
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  • ramfan2013ramfan2013 56 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Do you know if there are triple bedrooms designed for three or are they all forced triples? And if they are forced triples do they often detriple over the course of the year?

    first of all, the third floor is a kick ass floor. last year the freshmen on that floor were the closest, and i know the RA for it this year and she's pretty cool.
    most of the rooms that are triples are designed to be triples, i believe my room last year (5B1) was one of the only forced triples that were painfully obvious. and no, the triples will most likely never detriple, unless something very unusual happens like one of his roommates drops out and they never add someone from the waiting list, which will almost never happen since we have so many commuters that are dying to get housing. however, everyone survives the triple experience of the first year. :)
    Did you have your microwave on a stand or cart or did you just have it on the counter?

    we had it on the counter, as i've seen most rooms do it, but one of my friends put it on the fridge which sounds good in theory but i burned myself more than once when the thing i was trying to get from the microwave tipped over and spilled all over me and the floor. so yeah, counter is good.
    have about everything you suggested but on the garbage pails, you said you need 3...1 for trash, 1 for plastic and 1 for glass recycling. I haven't lived in NYC for the past 10 years but when I did plastic and glass could be recycled together. Is that no longer the case? Or is it a Fordham thing?

    if i could make a suggestion if you need to the boys can always buy the garbage pails when they get to new york at the bed bath and beyond on 66th, just this way the cost is divided among them, rather than you getting three trashcans (plus remember he'll also need one in his room, plus one in the bathroom if need be).
    as for the recycling thing, yeah, that's how fordham does it. in the trash room they have it seperated that way also, so it's expected that you just dump out each recycling bin accordingly.
    Also wanted to know if you have heard anything about bedbugs in the dorm? I have heard so many reports on the outbreak in NYC including one this morning.

    haha, my grandma asked me this yesterday. our beds have this crazy bed bug proof lining or wrapping or something that is designed to keep away the bed bugs. according to our resident director, we have not had a bed bug outbreak in about ten years. during the first month all freshmen residents are given this talk about how to avoid bed bugs (aka don't sleep in random people's beds that are not at fordham/if you do, wash all your clothes immediately in case there was contact with a bed bug) and how if there happens to be an outbreak, everyone in the suite is to put everything they own into bags and then fordham fumigates EVERYTHING and you are forced to live out of bags for ten weeks. basically, it's not a problem, hasn't been a problem, and if anything were to happen it would be handled immediately as to prevent a huge dorm outbreak.

    also, last year they put up this huge sign in times square saying "bed bugs are back", and have signs all over the subways about them, but it's never been a real concern.
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  • sandkmomsandkmom 909 replies37 threads Member
    Thanks ramfan2013!

    I'm glad to hear that the RA on the 3rd floor is cool and hopefully it will be a close floor like it was last year. And I'm sure my S will survive in a triple even though he didn't want one. I'm glad to hear that most are triples by design and I am hoping that he gets that rather than a forced triple but I imagine that most guys have less stuff so even if he ends up in one, it will likely be a little less crowded than in a girls forced triple room.

    So I won't go out and buy a microwave stand unless it doesn't fit on the counter. And we WON'T be trying the top of the refrigerator after hearing about your experience! :)

    I'm sending in a garbage pail for the bathroom since I just had to go out and buy 3 new step on cans for my own bathrooms after my dog got into one again and got really sick. I think I'll let them figure out the rest of the garbage pails on their own...I was just curious about the separate platic/glass recycling. Do they recycle paper, too?

    Also glad to hear that Fordham is on top of the bed bug situation in NYC. Yesterday I was watching the Early Show and they even have them in their offices over there...yuck!!!

    Thanks again ramfan2013! You have been so helpful to me and if I do correctly recall reading that you will be an orientation leader, I know that the incoming students will be lucky to have you! :)
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  • ramfan2013ramfan2013 56 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thanks, sandkmom.
    yeah, they do recycle paper but you kind of just put it on the shelf in the trash room, or in the actual recycling bins in the academic building (lowenstein) where they have a slot for paper in the recycling containers.

    and yes, tell your son to look out for me (kim) and say hi during NSO!
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