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Advice For Pakistani Medical Colleges

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Hello. I am high school student and I want to get into Pakistani medical school. I would prefer to go to a medical school in Lahore, but really anywhere is possible. I currently have a A+ in Biology and A in Chemistry and an A- in Math (Geometry Honors). I have only completed Freshman year so bear that in mind. Are my grades good enough. I also did pretty bad in Art and in Health/Common Core Study Skills which brought down my GPA. I am currently prepping for the SAT which I plan to take in 11th grade.

Here are the questions that I want answers too:

-What are good colleges in Pakistan (price doesn't matter, just want it as close to Lahore as possible)

-Are my grades good enough or do i need to work harder

-Will grades like Art and Health matter? Keep in mind Health is not like Science but like keep a positive attitude and how to keep track of your goals.

-Are colleges in pakistan biased too army generals and stuff.

How are the amenities in these colleges.

-Will I have trouble adapting to the educational system?

-How nice are the professers?

I plant to also come back to America afterwards.
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