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Kunfuzed101 is here to answer you ?'s about medical school admission in Pakistan.


Replies to: Kunfuzed101 is here to answer you ?'s about medical school admission in Pakistan.

  • xbadgrl11xxbadgrl11x 1 replies0 threads New Member
    HEYYYYY some1 should help me. I live in the U.s adn i want to go 2 medical school in pakistan but i dont know if thats a good idea or not because i dont know what King Edward requires adn i would like to find out. So please and thank you =]
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  • paki786paki786 768 replies94 threads Member
    ^ not a good idea. I had a similar thought which is now overturned. You will become a second-rate doctors and probably get some boring specalty like internal medicine IF you pass the boards (50% pass rate for IMGs).

    Why not just take the path here. It will, in turn, make you a better doctor in my opinion. You will be well-rounded with social skills, academic skills, etc. Obviously the US has more resources than Pakistan, thus making US a better place to study. I will highly discourage you from going there for I know people (aunts, uncles, friends...) that have gone to study there or came from there and are unable to pass the boards. They are now working as doctor assistants, etc. etc. Some got lucky, but remember pakistan may make you a different person and what you think right now, you make not think at that time.
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  • bluedevilmikebluedevilmike 11870 replies94 threads Senior Member
    This link may be informative, if you read in between the lines a little bit:
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  • babqueenofheartsbabqueenofhearts 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi I just want to join A.M.C,but i am so confused.I have read in a site that if a dual nationality holder wants to apply for A.M.C than that person must surrender the other nationality other than pakistani nationality,what does that mean?and secondly here in U.K we can choose any 2 science subjects for medical and I don't have physics so,is there any option for foreigners in A.M.C???

    waiting 4 reply
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  • masrazmasraz 4 replies0 threads New Member
    ok i am a student in an american high school, the number one high school in the country to be exact. So far I have taken AP bio and I will be taking AP chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry before I graduate.
    As of now my gpa is a 4.0

    My relatives believe that attending medical school in Pakistan and then returning to the US for residency is the way to go.

    Is it a good idea to apply to AKU right after I graduate from high school? What requirements/examinations must I take before I can apply and what test scores and other items do they look at? How does the admissions process work? (im sorry if these questions have been answered before).

    thank you
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  • masrazmasraz 4 replies0 threads New Member
    also what is ibcc?
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  • bluedevilmikebluedevilmike 11870 replies94 threads Senior Member
    the number one high school in the country to be exact.
    You go to Collegiate in NYC?
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  • phd89phd89 244 replies132 threads Member
    if u guys need more information about any school in Pakistan I suggest the link below and tell everyone else as well there is are a lot more people that can help you out

    Pakistan Medical Schools - Med Studentz Medical School Forum
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  • punjabi_galpunjabi_gal 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I want to get into aga khan in lahore, and need to know the requirements for admission in AKU.
    what are their SAT and SAT 2 score requirements and is the entry test one of the requirements?
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  • FeedFeed 978 replies32 threads Senior Member
    Alright, I answered your question before at the other thread.
    AKU is in KARACHI, btw.

    Their SAT 1 requirement is at least a 1250 (CR+M).
    Their SAT 2 requirement is 700+ in Bio, Chem and Physics.

    Good luck!

    Now I have 2 questions:
    1. Does AKU superscore?
    2. Does it matter how many times you take the SAT?
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  • greysfan123greysfan123 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi... Aku is sooo my dream.... i just wanna know what books i need to be studying for the test and i am especially concerned about the time limit...can the paper be completed in time easily and WHAT is soo hard abt the interview..??
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  • sumbalsumbal 1 replies0 threads New Member
    if this thread is still alive...i wanna ask a few questions...is there any canadian highskool graduate here that i could talk to?
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  • rockstarimran89rockstarimran89 1 replies0 threads New Member
    HI kunfuze101,
    I am a Premed Student,m interested in getng admissions in AKU,King Edwardz,pluz odr universitez,but my prob is dat im a frshly graduate of fsc and dnt knw what reference books should i uze to in order to qualify 4 da test specially AKU>AZ I HV Heard 4rm PPl THat Its(AKU'S TEST) Z TOugher Than FSC STAndardz .... Could u suggest me Some REference Bookz,,,FOR aKU and KE....>Since I wd b takng aku test in d upcoming monthz(i think march)probably plus BRiefly about shortlisting and interview related Consequences,,,,,,, THnx In ADvanc>>>^.^
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  • farrryfarrry 1 replies0 threads New Member
    salam!are federal board students accepted by DMC??I am a student of second year (federal board) , kindly tell me will my board create any obstacle for my admission in DMC? because my first and last dream is to be a part of DOW MEDICAL COLLEGE!
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  • enchoudharyenchoudhary 1 replies0 threads New Member
    hi i am an undergraduate student in university of seychelles MD course completed my major subjects in med would like to knw which uni in pak accepts transfer students as i dont wanna start from again.............i have completed antomy,physiology,immunology,histology,neorscience,embrology,biochem,epidermiology,med terms,beha sciences
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  • finkasiafinkasia 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey Kunfuzed Im graduating this year in 2011. And im applying to pakistani medical colleges from America.Im specifically targetting KE Med school.Ive actually moved back and forth between paK and US so im familiar with paki system.So do i have to give SAT for KE criteria.On the D.C. Embassy site it says its not that clear.So im totally confused.Im taking my biology and chem subject tests this month but how did u get in? Need help...
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  • shyllatshyllat 1 replies0 threads New Member
    hi well i'm a junior at highschool
    -i have a 3.9 Gpa
    -i have an A in english
    -I passed biology with a B+
    -And i have a B in chem right now
    -I'm still planning to take AP Bio and physic during my last year
    -And what SATs or tests i need to take for pakistani medical schools

    To be more specific the colleges i'm considering are fatima jinnah medical college and king edwards medical college, so with the grades and status i have right now is there even a chance of me getting admission to any of them?
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  • sarahdar15sarahdar15 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi every one my name is Sarah and i am currently residing in the US i did my 9th and 10th grade in Pakistan and took physics and chemistry and then i had to move to US i did my 11th and 12th here in the US with biology, earth science and physical science can i still apply to AKU (Aga Khan University) ? After getting my IBCC certificate i knw my grades will be effected a lot but if i do very well on my SAT I and SAT II do i have a good chance to get in ? And is it going to be safe for me to stay in a hostel for i will be living alone ? Please someone who has been a foreign student and gotten in help me through it ...!! thank you, i really am in a frenzy deciding what to do ....

    I got 533 out of 850 in my ninth and tenth grade in pakistan in computer science with physics chemistry computer science and then i came here to the US. I do not have the grades of my 12th grade but these are my grades from 11th grade are these good enough

    Biology 85
    biology 85
    Marketing principe 94
    Marketing principle 94
    MAth 88
    Math 88

    All the above are for one semester and they are all different courses

    Second semester 11th grade

    Am Lit/ comp 89
    american govt. 90
    Math II 83
    personal fitness 99
    physical science 95
    US history 82
    and art 95

    Are these good for Aga khan university in karachi and any medical colleges in lahore or Pakistan ? I will also be taking my SAT I and SAT II also. I would really appreciate if Bang and Mr. Doc could reply and give advice regarding what to do.

    Thank You.
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  • ucfdespretucfdespret 21 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Hi, soorry to bother but i found this thread hoping some one might reply so here i go. I am currently a high school senior and i really want to get into DIMC. I just wanted to get information. I read that in order to get in, one needs IBCC OR SAT II scores. I got A's and B's in my years of highschool excepts for 1 C in Chemistry(my worst science ;[) and 1 for anatomy. Can I get in with only SAT II scores into DIMC? Please let me know much appreciates.
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  • JJasmine1398JJasmine1398 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi! I am new to all this. I was recently notified in this year, that i will be moving, most likely, to Pakistan and will attend a med school there. problem is, i dont have a clue on how the education system woks. I am from NYC. im will not be taking the entry tests, but instead SAT 2(subject tests), and in order to get admitted, i have to score higher than 550, out of 800, on chem, bio and physics subject test. recently i looked into King Edward Medical and immediately made up my mind that it would be my first choice, it was really appealing to me. However, i quickly realized that it was a demanding school. long story short, can you tell me how high my grades have to be in order to get in? my scores are in the high 80s, but i have had honor classes, AP classes and college level science electives in high school. (im finishing up grade 12 right now) as i graduate, i will be graduating with an advanced regents diploma, with mastery in science and a certified medical administarative assistant certificate. please help me. i feel like i am aiming a little too high.
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