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Thoughts on switching major from EE to econ or actuarial math: job security and opportunities

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I'm currently a second semester electrical engineering student at GMU and I'm beginning to realize that I really do not enjoy electrical engineering. It isn't at all the fact that the material is too difficult. I have a 3.4 GPA. I simply do not enjoy it and I couldn't see myself doing it for the rest of my life happily. I love mathematics and analysis and I've always loved economics ever since I studied AP econ in high school. It's the only class I've ever taken in my entire life that I can sit through for 3 hours and come out upset because the lecture was over. Realizing how good the economics department is at GMU, I'm very strongly considering switching my major to a B.S in economics, supplemented with a double major or minor in CS/Math. I feel like studying either of those things would set me apart and give me a better opportunity for analyst type jobs. I originally was enrolled first semester for a B.S in economics, but I was pressured by family to pursue engineering because of salary and job security. Realizing that it's my life and my money though, I want to do whatever makes me happy. Working as an economist for the World Bank or the federal reserve or as an analyst/banker for an investment firm would be my ultimate goal. The only thing holding me back is the job security in economics and business, because I know that finding a job in this field is a difficult task (atleast that's the impression I'm under). Are there any current students/alum/grad students within the GMU economics department that may be able to help me in making this decision? Were you able to find a job upon graduation? What types of jobs can an econ major expect to get? Is the econ department at GMU all it's cracked up to be? Are there any internship or research opportunities for undergrads? Do I really need a masters to have any chance of finding a job? I saw that there is also an actuarial mathematics program here that also seems like it'd be a great option for what I enjoy doing, although, I'd like to take more economics classes. Any information regarding the actuary program would also be much appreciated! One more important thing to note is that I'm not in anything for the money, so please do not try to entice me to stick with engineering because of salary. I'd much rather make 20k less doing something I love than doing something I hate.
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    I'd like to hear from someone with experience as well since I'm considering econ as a major, but from what I've read, the general situation seems to be that if you want to get a job out of undergrad, economics is a plus for the analytic skills it promotes rather than the actual expertise of the field. Most jobs where you would be analyzing economic policies, trends, etc, generally favor if not require a masters or PhD.
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