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George Mason University Campus

user_727345user_727345 24 replies4 threads Junior Member
My D was accepted and offered a nice merit scholarship. We're heading down in Feb. for one of their events and see the school. I'm hearing the campus is very large and spread out. I would love anyone's input on the campus and campus life. What you liked or didn't like, everything. I understand everyone has different opinions but I'm just curious of the consensus. Also, she's a biology major so she would be spending a lot of time in the science building which I hear is a 30 minute shuttle ride from the campus.
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  • sbgal2011sbgal2011 277 replies21 threads Junior Member
    The biggest advantage for GMU is its proximity to Washington DC. There are excellent internship opportunities. Public transportation allows you to go anywhere you want, cheaply. The academics are very good.

    The cons of GMU: there is no "college feel" to it. There is no school spirit, no feeling of being "home", and not a lot of excitement in the air. Yes, there are hundreds of clubs to join, Greek life, and they even have some sports teams. So it is not difficult to meet new people. Still, most are only there during the week, going home on weekends. Many more just commute. Weekends are very quiet. It is also an expensive area, so off-campus housing is pricey.

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  • RymorPRymorP 6 replies1 threads New Member
    I 'm a parent, and my Son is in his second Semester. He's majoring in Cyber Security Engineering and he's in the Honors College. My Son could have gone to other good schools in Virginia, but he chose George Mason. He had to weigh the pros and cons. For him the degree program, internships and proximity to DC, just made sense to him. He knew he would have to give up a little, in terms of school spirit for the better opportunities that awaited him. I say a little bit because I would have to disagree with the last poster about the school having no school spirit. The school does have school spirit. Ask Doc Nix and the Green Machine which has been rated the #1 pep band in the NCAA. Is it to degree of the other schools with high school spirit? No! But to say Mason has no school spirit is not accurate.

    As far as the school being quiet on the weekends, for the most part it is. But they do have activities for the students across campus. There are a lot of students who do commute, but that's not Mason's fault. Fairfax, VA has a huge polulation, being so close to DC, and Mason provides opportunities for all students. That's why Mason is the largest Public University in Virginia.

    I have been very impressed with this school because a lot of their degree programs are in the top ten in the Country, including my Son's. Mason is a very innovative University who's always striving for excellence.
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  • raclutraclut 3757 replies239 threads Senior Member
    edited March 10
    As a bio major is she looking at med school in the future? GMU offers many opportunities to participate in research. My D graduated with a Bioengineering degree and was also part of the Honors college. She took premed classes with the intent of applying to med school.

    As far as school spirit it is my feeling that college is what you make of it and how you utilize all the facilities that are offered.
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