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gw '16

stocker93stocker93 175 replies24 threads Junior Member
hey guys,

i visited gwu this past weekend as well as american and georgetown, but gw was by far my favorite.

I was hoping some grads/students etc. could give me an idea of my chances applying early decision there this coming fall!

-Unweighted GPA: around 3.4

-not sure of weighted

Class rank: 60/413 (top 14%)

6 APs (school does not offer many, maybe 13 or so) 4 on apush, havent taken the rest yet..

-SAT I- Math 670 Reading 680 Writing 700 (2050)
-SAT II scores (none, yet)

Class President (9-12)
National Honor Society (11-12) (Vice President-12)

there's a bunch of little ones that i'm not going to add, but my biggest one is United States House Page (summer '11). If you're not familiar with it, about 72 juniors from across the country go to D.C. and live there for a given period of time working on the floor of the US House and living independently.

Employment -- Well the House Page is a paid position, however i already spoke of that.

I work at a major ski resort as an assistant manager in the Children's Ski school for 2 years, and a regular children's ski instructor for 3 yrs before that.

And I lifeguard at my neighborhood pool (3 yrs)

Some honors- Eisenhower Leadership in Character Award, through West Point.
Student of the Month

Essays will most likely be about living in DC as a house page, and the recs should be great since the teachers writing them for me also got me into the page program with their recs for that

white male, pa
no hooks, no financial aid needed.

thanks for any advice!
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Replies to: gw '16

  • schmohawkschmohawk 1131 replies10 threads Senior Member
    You should be fine ED. Try to arrange an interview. All interviews are by admissions officers, so they are meaningful. Make sure that you hone in on GW, not DC, in your "why GW essay". Be specific. Mention majors, classes, professors, traditions, - you get it.
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  • stocker93stocker93 175 replies24 threads Junior Member
    I wasn't sure if the interview was worth it at first, but thanks for the insight! I'll definitely do one in that case.

    anybody else?
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  • GWAlum07GWAlum07 205 replies4 threads Junior Member
    you're in good shape. admissions will love the page EC. if you can somehow get your GPA into the top 10% you might be looking at a good deal of merit money as well.
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  • JNeemz35JNeemz35 196 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Stocker we have pretty similar stats and im pretty interested in GW.

    Good Luck :)

    and we're from the same state same birthyear haha.
    and i visited those same schools this week wow.
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  • stocker93stocker93 175 replies24 threads Junior Member
    yeah I figured the page ec would be big so I'm gonna try to exploit it as much as possible. thanks for the advice!!!
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  • lhs0921lhs0921 49 replies22 threads Junior Member
    I think you are in. Just continue getting good grades . Also write a really superb college essay. One advice may slight improve your gpa to a 3.5 or higher, but it is unweighted with 6 AP classes so they will understand it.
    The only reason they will reject you is that maybe you are "overqualified" for GW. I have seen a student who had a higher gpa than me got rejected because GW thought that it was her safety school(in reality it was her dream school and her why GW essay was not that compelling). GW thinks if a student with amazing sat score and over qualified for gw they might reject a student thinking that the student applied for safety school.( in your case, which is not).
    SO when you write your why gw essay, express that as well, that you really wanna come to gw.
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  • stocker93stocker93 175 replies24 threads Junior Member
    thanks lhs, I'm hoping that applying ed will be good enough for showing them interest and that its not just a safety (that would be american :))
    any other input?
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