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friar128friar128 0 replies1 threads New Member
I want to get involved more socially, do community service, and be around a group of genuinely nice and accepting people. I'm not the most outgoing person or that skinny blonde with perfect hair and skin. Is rushing right for me? Is there a particular sorority that would fit my personality and goals? I know I should determine this for myself. But really I just want a general idea. I am kind of intimidated to rush because I feel like I would be so out of place.

Also does everyone who rushes get a bid or is it more selective?
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  • gwgradgwgrad 466 replies4 threads Member
    I would avoid rushing altogether if all you want is some social and service opportunities. Greeks throw good parties, though. But, it's a large time and money commitment. There are dues, and you're required to help pay for all sorts of events, buy formal dresses, buy t-shirts...

    The social aspect can be good, but I've seen a lot of cat fights and drama. Whether or not that is worth it or not is up to you. I suppose you get the big/little, mandatory social events, mandatory study hours together, mandatory meetings, mandatory dues/event fees/t-shirt fees, mandatory retreats and dances.... if you want to see other people that often, by all means, rush. Rushing tends to have events nearly every day for pledges at first. Huge time commitment at first. Maybe you're lonely and want that, but if you have a busy class schedule or have a job or live off-campus, rush would be more of a pain.

    Of the groups, Phi Sigma Sigma seems to have a decent mix of social and service.

    There's a co-ed, non-Greek system community service fraternity. I forget the name of it.

    Frankly, unless you think you'll regret not being in a sorority, I would skip it. Lots of cattiness, rush obligations, and weekly (or more) meetings. Huge time commitment.

    Greek life is a bit of a built-in social network. You do get to know your Greek members well, though. You're required to be around them for plenty of events. I suppose that's a plus to some people.

    If you want some social and more service, how about Habitat for Humanity or some community service group? Less of a time commitment, no sorority dues, no rushing...

    One good thing about Greeks, but mostly frats, is their test banks of old tests. The SA has a test bank, but most Greek frats have much better test banks to study from.

    Not all of the sororities are the stereotypical groups. You could join the honor frat or community service frat (co-ed). Less money required, less time commitment, non-Greek system.

    It all depends on how much money and time you're willing to spend.

    If you think you want to spend that kind of time and money, by all means... rush. You can always drop out of the sorority if you want. Then, you can say you've tried it and won't feel like you missed out on something. Try going to their info sessions, or going on GreekChat and asking someone anonymously about the sorority you're interested in.
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  • gwgradgwgrad 466 replies4 threads Member
    There is Greek housing.... Greek Row.

    Perhaps that makes it desirable for you.

    Personally, I'd rather live in a tent on the street in the middle of a monsoon rain in Navy Yard South DC using a coffee can as a toilet than live with a bunch of sorority girls crammed in a house. Can you imagine that many girls spending hours on their hair in a small room? But, that's just me...

    Admittedly, some of them are attractive. What kind of college experience do you want? Activities every day? Built-in paid social network? Required meetings/events/etc.? Or, your own social network that you built with random friends you found? And, your own parties that people invited you to or clubbing around DC?
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