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Christian Community at GW?

Trolley1Trolley1 0 replies2 threads New Member
How active is the Christian Community at GWU?
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  • wmurphy126wmurphy126 322 replies18 threads Member
    I cant say for certain, since i haven't joined any christian-based organizations, but i can comment on what I have seen and my friends have told me.

    First is the neumann center. A friend of mine goes to the neumann center all the time to study, she says all of her friends are there and they have a ton of fun activities to do, at it seems nearly every weekend. Last weekend it was a white water rafting trip in MD, this weekend it was movie marathon night. This is specifically catholic, but I am sure they are welcoming to everyone.

    The next one is GW Alpha, which is a christian club where they have prayer meetings and walk to church together every Sunday. They have meetings, contests, games and fun activities. If you follow their mailing list, they'll be sure to send you information on everything that is happening.

    There are probably more clubs, these are just the ones I know specifically.
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  • gwgradgwgrad 466 replies4 threads Member
    Overall, I would call it "weak."

    Religiously *active* non-Jewish at GW are more of a niche.

    If you seek out religious groups, you might not feel that you're a minority.

    Neuman Center is Catholic. They have some events. They don't do much advertising that I've noticed-- but I haven't looked. Seek them out if interested. I wouldn't call them nearly as popular as Hillel Jewish Center.

    There's Western Presbyterian Church, what many non-locals would call a "progressive" church. That church is on/by campus, the closest church nearby. They let student groups use their church space for things like "Vagina Monologues." They have a historic, cool looking building with stained glass. I think they have organ music too.

    You'll find more churches in the suburbs.

    If you're comparing GW to a state school in the south or midwest, GW doesn't have something like a "BSU" or "BCM" or UMC group on campus that I've heard of.

    Like I said, if you seek out a religious group, there are some. If you don't seek it out, it would be easy to miss around here.

    The directory says there's a "Protestant Campus Ministry Association," but I've never heard of them, nor seen them around. (I haven't looked, though.) Their FB page: [url]https://www.****/groups/171553559585524/[/url]


    Agape Christian Fellowship
    Agap Campus Christian Fellowship at GW

    Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

    Word Up Bible Study
    [email protected]

    I have no idea if the above groups are active. I think I saw Agape having an event once.

    If you want to get involved in the protestant community, you'll definitely need to seek them out. I haven't seen many religious groups other than Hillel, and occasionally Neuman, advertise their events everywhere. You could probably help plan events or something.
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