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Chance me ED1 at GWU

PoliSciGoalsPoliSciGoals 16 replies6 threads Junior Member
I just submitted my app would really appreciate it if anyone would weigh in on my chances. I am applying for Poli Sci from California.

SAT 1490 Essay 18
World History Subject Test 700
United States History Subject test 700


Freshman GPA 2.55 taking Junior math class, advanced English, advanced history, and other classes

Sophomore GPA 2.8W 2.65UW Taking a senior math class, AP Euro, advanced English, and other classes

Transferred to private school during summer between sophomore and junior year.

Junior GPA 3.57W 3.43UW Taking APUSH, Calculus (couldn't take AB because I transferred late so it is just normal calc. It is explained in the counselor's letter. I also couldn't take AP Lang for this reason), I started taking Latin rather than Spanish, and other classes

Senior year I am taking AP Gov, AP Stats, and other classes

I also took a Political Science class last summer at a community college.

I know that my GPA is pretty low for GWU, but I had a lot of health issues with type one diabetes freshman and sophomore years which is explained really well in my app and highlights the upward trend.


On my Congresswoman's youth advisory board where we give her direct input.

Interned for my state Assemblymember who is the Speaker Pro Tempore of the Assembly.

Coxswain on a club crew team freshman, sophomore, and junior year. It was all year round and was about 18 hours a week. I placed at big races such as Head of the Charles and the Southwest Youth Regional Championships and competed internationally.

Youth ambassador for the county (large metro area) transit authority where I help develop marketing initiatives aimed at increasing teen ridership.

Started a few of political-oriented clubs at school that I talk about a lot in my app and participate in model UN

Volunteered phone banking

Volunteered teaching crew to underprivileged kids.

Member of the county Gifted and Talented Association

Other stuff:

My dad graduated from GW but he doesn't give money and isn't active in the alumni group so I don't know if that will help. I also have good essays that discuss my diabetes, interest in politics, and are really interesting. I also have really good letters of rec from my teachers and one for the Assemblymember I interned for.

Thanks again and if I am missing any info please let me know and I will post it.

Edit: I also toured with my parents twice if that helps.
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