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chance me?

ats630ats630 3 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 4 New Member
hey! I'm in a bit of a complex situation, but one thing is clear: I want to finish my education at gw!

I went to a private university (which has an acceptance rate only 3.3% higher than gw) for my first three semesters of college, where I only earned a 2.1 gpa. This has been explained by a recent diagnosis of ADHD and dyscalculia. I also attended a local boarding school that has a relationship with gw. I had better grades in high school (88 on a 100-scale GPA) than my first year 1/2 of college.
I'm at a Virginia community college where I have somewhere around a 3.5. I got two recs from my comm college professors, one whos a grad student at gw and one who splits teaching time between my school and gw.

I have some good extracurriculars and have held 8 jobs already at the age of 19 (when I'm not in school, I'm working) including two congressional internships.

also, does anyone have a handle on the acceptance rate specific to transfer students? and how many transfer students apply?

Gw is the only school I applied to for the fall because I can't see myself anywhere else. please share thoughts ((and prayers))
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  • NHufferNHuffer 946 replies2 discussionsForum Champion GWU Posts: 948 Forum Champion
    How long have you been at the community college? If it's only for one semester, I'm not sure if that's long enough to establish a "correction" from your time at the university. While you have a medical reason that can help explain the low GPA, GWU will want to ensure that you're capable of being successful now.

    By all means, if GW is where you want to be you should definitely apply for the fall. I think the acceptance rate for transfers is usually in the mid-30 percentile. However, it's quite possible that the admissions folks won't feel comfortable enough with your application with only one semester of improved grades (if it's only been one semester). I think that if you have two or more semesters of > 3.5 GPA then you'll be in much better shape.

    Good luck!
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