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Should I send my scores to GW?

ellapierce2498ellapierce2498 2 replies2 threads New Member
Hi! I took the sat twice and superscoring I have a 1240. I’m probably going to take it again, however I wonder with a 1240 if I should send my scores to GW. I’ll be applying ED and everyone from my school who has applied ED in the past has gotten in no matter what their score is, so should I apply ED with the 1240 or not give my score at all. I know they’re test optional but that seems eh to me. My grades and GPA are really good and so are my ec’s, I’m just worried about my SAT score. Has anyone here with a similar score gotten in ED? Or without sending your scores? Thanks!
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Replies to: Should I send my scores to GW?

  • sdl0625sdl0625 1032 replies13 threads Senior Member
    they really truly are test optional. with strong grades and ECs it would not hurt you to go test optional.
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  • NHufferNHuffer Forum Champion GWU 990 replies2 threads Forum Champion
    I think that your belief of everyone from you school getting in "no matter what their score is" is a little flawed. Obviously that can't be true as GW has to worry about admissions statistics (because like most/all universities, they want their rankings to improve).

    If you're concerned with your score, which this post leads us all to believe, then don't send your score it. It won't hurt your chances.
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