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Selecting a GWU School (Coumbian v Elliott)

roper1313roper1313 19 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
My son will be applying to GWU for 2020 admission. He is strongly considering double majoring in Econ and International Relations. My question is this, how should he select a particular school Columbian vs Elliott since the majors are housed in separate schools?
FYI, his grades, AP Scores, and ECs are VERY strong, however his ACT is in the middle 50% (28).
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Replies to: Selecting a GWU School (Coumbian v Elliott)

  • MetrynahelpMetrynahelp 3 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
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    As someone who got into ESIA (that's the acronym we use for the Eliot school) I'd personally recommend choosing that school and major first, because as Freshman we do have to take both ECON 1011 and ECON 1012 (which is macro and micro economics respectively) for the major anyways. As well as another higher level Econ class in the future so with that option he does get both international affairs courses and economics course in his first year anyways. Also some International Affairs courses they are locked for those students only, so he may not be able to take it as a Colombian student. Also, whereas Elliot does have certain courses for International Affairs students that must be taken in the first year (not including general courses needed to graduate as required by the university), Colombian doesn't and most of their requirements align with the general courses required by the university. So in my personal opinion it would be better for him to apply to the Elliot school, then during the first semester, talk to his designated councilor and add on the Econ major; that way he has already had an introduction to Econ with Econ 1011 so he'd for sure know that he wants to take on the major ( it is not one that many people like/ prefer - not just in GW but in general) and he'd already have be able to so some of the required ESIA courses during his first year. Also don't worry to much about his ACT score, we are a test optional school anyways, so it doesn't really matter, I'd still put it on because he may be able to receive a scholarship for it if he does get accepted.
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  • roper1313roper1313 19 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @Metrynahelp Thank you for the quick response, very helpful. He may have AP credit for the entry level ECON courses, but you make a good point on getting the International Affairs requirements scheduled. We've been debating on whether to submit his ACT scores. His rigor, exam scores, and AP results are much more in line with a low 30 range. He's done it three times and prepped pretty hard for this summer. It is what it is I guess.
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