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Campus Life/Environment

Lgm879Lgm879 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi all, I am a high school junior doing lots and lots of college research. I know I want to major in PoliSci or Public Policy, depending on what the school offers. My top schools right now in no particular order are GW, UMD, Georgetown, and American. (See a pattern?)

I had the opportunity to visit UMD in April and I really loved the entire campus however the academic program leaves some things to be desired. This is where the DC schools come in, but specifically GW. Out of the three DC schools I am interested in, GW is definitely my top choice. Their academics are amazing (including a really cool 5-year Master's program), there are great internship opportunities, they'd take most of my AP exams, and I'd even be able to keep music in my life while having direct access to DC which I absolutely love.

Being how there isn't a traditional campus, how does the campus that does exist feel? How easy is it to socialize and meet people? I have heard there is a general lack of school spirit and I wonder if the campus situation plays into that. Does anyone ever wish there was a traditional campus (aside from the Vern)?
I am visiting my DC schools next month but I'm trying to do some more research beforehand. Thank you guys and if you have any comments about the other schools, I'd love to hear them.


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  • NHufferNHuffer 982 replies2 threadsForum Champion GWU Forum Champion
    GW's campus will definitely feel different than all the others you're interested in. How I typically describe it is: when you're there, you can definitely tell that you're on a campus, though it's not like what you'd actually expect from a campus. The urban vibe is strong, and no, I don't think that's why school spirit suffers. School spirit is a product of a university's identity, I believe. If you attend a school that's great at sports, then tailgating and pep rallies will be spectacular. If you attend a school that prides itself on internships and being super accessible to the nation's capital, then what's spectacular (or touted) is the adjunct professor that's taking time away from their day job on the Hill (or at State) to teach your class; one of the popular forms of "small talk" among students is discussing which Congressman they're interning for; there's numerous people in class dressed-up for their internship after class.

    As far as wishing there is a typical campus, I suppose that depends on the student. I'd say that in general, students wouldn't be opposed to a larger quad. I think that's evident during the first few weeks of spring when students cover every inch of green space in Kogan or U-Yard to bask in the sun and take a break from finals. My friends and I routinely took advantage of the open space on U-Yard to toss a football or frisbee and would have liked a little more room.

    When you visit Georgetown and AU you'll see that they both offer something unique, as well. Georgetown is a gorgeous campus, but its accessibility isn't quite the same as GW. You know you're "in DC" when you're there, but the campus has its own vibe. AU is similar in that while it's in DC, it feels much more "traditional" and almost suburban. Granted, you're only a short shuttle ride from the nearest Metro, but Friendship Heights/Tinleytown is very different from Foggy Bottom. My brother-in-law and his wife both attended AU and had a very positive experience. I used to visit when he had wrestling matches and appreciated the accessibility of the school and free parking, lol.
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