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Thurston Hall?

kingsta1234kingsta1234 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member
edited August 2009 in George Washington University
Is it as bad as they make it sound!?

Can you get possible time to study at all?

im going to apply for Pre-Med (i am a junior) and getting A's in all my classes is essential.

i absolutely love partying but i don't want it EVERY NIGHT.

Can you give me your experience?

What are your other favorite first-year dorm halls?
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Replies to: Thurston Hall?

  • shellfellshellfell Registered User Posts: 2,684 Senior Member
    S lived in Thurston freshman year & did very well academically........he studied in his room too.
  • mamabear1234mamabear1234 Registered User Posts: 3,522 Senior Member
    D lived in Thurston (it was her first choice) and did very well academically also. She met lots of people and enjoyed the experience of living there. If you are motivated to study and do well, you probably will. I think it is the less motivated, easily distracted students who may have trouble dealing with the social possibilities.
  • waveswatcherwaveswatcher Registered User Posts: 395 Member
    Wrote in my comments about CI that in my opinion Thurston is a hole. Dismal paint, old carpet and exposed venting and piping in the ceilings. Guys might like it better bc lots of guys don't care about that kind of stuff but I would think that girls would be turned off. During CI the place got a little crazy so I can imagine how it could get with all the rooms being occupied in the fall. The bathrooms are really small and the tubs are gross - attempts to clean them was definitely made but there was evidence of hard use from years passed. Some of the frigs in the rooms look like they've been used as battering rams and the mattresses might need to be plumped up before your use. All in all, this is what freshmen get at most colleges, so it is do-able, but I'm praying that I rest my head in Potomac or Madison this fall. Lastly, it was very evident that Thurston has a reputation and so most of the people that I came in contact with this weekend want to continue the rep if they live there, so be prepared for that mindset.
  • applicannotapplicannot Registered User Posts: 4,366 Senior Member
    Partying definitely slows after the first few weeks on campus. It's always crazy when freshman get their first taste of it - especially during orientation and the first weeks of the semester. But waveswatcher's points are all very valid.
  • colls1411colls1411 Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    After I stayed at Thurston for CI I came to realize its reputation (at least aesthetically) were not very on point. Yes it is old but it is not a dump. I didn't see chipping paint, my refrigerator seemed almost brand new, rooms were clean, and exposed piping and vents and carpets in the hallways are hardly a matter. Will you be sleeping there?

    Thurston was fun and great. Can't wait to stay there.
  • alex994alex994 Registered User Posts: 113 Junior Member
    I guess that would also depend on what floor you're on.

    From what I've gathered, the top and lower floors of Thurston are pretty good (I stayed on the 9th floor) with the floors in the middle being abysmal.
  • MultitaskerMultitasker Registered User Posts: 1,400 Senior Member
    Is it as bad as they make it sound!?
    Nope. I am not sure why has such a bad rep. Maybe b/c they are 1000 freshmen in one place, alone for the first time. But it is not worse or better than any of the other dorms.

    Can you get possible time to study at all? Yes, absolutely

    im going to apply for Pre-Med (i am a junior) and getting A's in all my classes is essential.

    i absolutely love partying but i don't want it EVERY NIGHT.

    Can you give me your experience?
    I had MAdison, and loved it,but my sibling was in Thurston and loved it too. We visited each other, and I could study in my sibling room when I wanted to, and viceversa. Neither one of the dorms had a negative effect.

    What are your other favorite first-year dorm halls?

    Madison, Potomac, Thurston
  • gwseniorgwsenior Registered User Posts: 250 Junior Member
    From what I've gathered, the top and lower floors of Thurston are pretty good (I stayed on the 9th floor) with the floors in the middle being abysmal.

    Actually, this isn't true. All the floors are pretty much the same, except for some of the rooms on the 1st floor, which are bigger because they were designed to be wheelchair-accessible.
  • kingsta1234kingsta1234 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member
    thanks everyone for the info!

    can you guys tell me something about the Dining plans? I heard there aren't any Meal plans like other colleges have. is that true?
  • gwseniorgwsenior Registered User Posts: 250 Junior Member
    yes, that is true. Your student ID, called your GWorld, works like a debit card at hundreds of places on and near campus (including restaurants, take-out, a pay-by-the-pound buffet, a grocery store, the laundry machines in your dorm, CVS, and many many other locations). Freshman year I think you get something like $1700 on your card, and you have to spend a certain amount of that at GW-owned venues. The money rolls over from year to year if you don't spend it.
  • gwfreshmomgwfreshmom Registered User Posts: 75 Junior Member
    I posted this in April 2008 Most freshman at GW get into Thurston, whether they choose it or not. Large old dorm, large rooms mostly 4 or more to a room bathroom in each room. Noisy. My S could only study in the basement or the library, never in his room. Usually had to walk into the building through the smokers, smoke drifted up to his open windowed room. Despite saying he was not a partier (not a loner, quiet type either) 2 of 3 roomates in his quad were partiers with alcohol and drug (dope only) use.
    Posted this in March 2008 As pointed out in several places on this forum, most Freshman end up in Thurston whether they want to or not. My S filled out his housing for 06-07, never even listed Thurston and ended up there in a quad. It was crazy, loud and rarely quiet. He studied in the library or the basement. The one advantage was a large room with plenty of space
    Posted in July 2007 Parties began on Thursday and continued through Sunday. He is a light drinker, not a a serious partier and had some very frustrating times with Thurston.
    Posted in April 2007 In fact he mostly just sleeps there as 80% of the time it's noisy. The rooms are very spacious, but he shares his space with 3 others, who have very different personalities than he. If you need peace and quiet, Thurston is not the place at all. Despite thinking those attending GW are "pretty serious about school" my S has found that people play hard in Thurston.
    Sorry if some of this overlaps in the reply, I was cutting and pasting from several different posts. My S is now a senior.
  • MsBCMsBC Registered User Posts: 104 Junior Member
    I'm a rising sophomore at GW and lived in a Thurston quad last year. Not only did I have an amazing time, I got a 3.9 GPA and made many close friends. I believe that the freshman that lived in other dorms missed out on something special. Further, many actually expressed to me that they regret not living in Thurston. Thurston Hall is a dorm of 1300 students, and is where every social event takes place. You have 1300 opportunities to make friends; 200+ alone on your floor. While WAVESWATCHER might feel like it is a "hole," it was actually very pleasant to live in. The venting and piping in some of the ceilings ???did not bother me at all. All new carpeting was installed throughout the dorm last summer, so I do not know which "old carpet" she is referring to. The fact is that living in Thurston brings everyone together in a sense; it’s much easier to bond with someone and also help fellow classmates with their schoolwork (you’ll come to see that the Thurston basement is where a majority of people will wind up doing their work). The bad reputation that this dorm has gained over the years in fact dwindles with every new incoming motivated class of freshman. I was able to do extremely well academically, while maintaining a busy social life. Thurston made my freshman year 100 times easier. Thus, it would be my best advice to freshman assigned to Thurston and future GW students, not to allow the rumors and reputation of past classes dissuade you from living in this dorm. You're going to love GW!! Hopefully, WAVESWATCHER’s bashing of a dorm that has so much history, and where so many life long relationships started, will not come back to haunt her. How can you beat an experience where you live with 1300 other students your own age, who all share a common desire to make friends and have a smooth adjustment to college? You have to give up the safety of high school....welcome to D.C!!
  • CorindianaJonesCorindianaJones Registered User Posts: 21 New Member
    I don't care what anyone says, I had the best time in Thurston during CI. I'll admit, the bathrooms did catch me a wee bit offguard, but by day two I was used to it. Everything however was made up for by the fact that at about 3am, I went to 711 in Mitchell, got a hot dog combo, sat in the hall and ate it by myself, and then proceeded to have a covnersation with every person that walked by. If school will be anything like that night ended up, man, I'm gonna love college.

    My fridge was CLEAN, the hardwood floor was a bit paint splattered, but there was a huge closet, the bed was actually pretty comfortable. The halls are a little old timey, my view out my window sucked, and it was FREEZING even with the AC off, but I can't wait to live there.

    Oh, and it was kind of noisy, but nothing I couldn't handle. I guess its my fault for trying to take a nap in the middle of the day only to be woken up by the mini-party going on down the hall.
  • MultitaskerMultitasker Registered User Posts: 1,400 Senior Member
    So my sibling was in 423 in thurston few yrs ago. did anyone ended up assigned there? The reason I ask is because she loved the room, was really large, double great closet space looked like a hotel, and she had no problem with it. Good luck to who gets that room!
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