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Would I Be a Match at Georgetown?

swimstrongswimstrong 21 replies4 threads New Member
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I have always loved both science and foreign languages. This probably seems like a strange combination, however, I find these areas the most interesting. I know Georgetown offers great international programs (SFS) and is big on foreign languages, but I'm not sure that I'm qualified. It seems like most people have better credentials (I'm not involved in science competitions because I have no free time, but I love my science classes.)

Anyway here are my stats:
Very competitive high school
GPA 4.6w/3.8u
Top 10% (we don't provide ranking)
SATs: Not taken yet
SAT II: Bio: 790
AP Bio Exam: 5

Taking AP English and AP Physics. I have taken Spanish since 1st grade and Russian since 7th grade. Took AP Bio as sophomore. Will take AP Chem, AP Russian, AP Spanish, AP Calculus, and AP English as a senior.

10th: National Russian Essay Contest (Gold Medal), National Foreign Language Honor Society
9th: National Spanish Exam (Merit), National Russian Essay Contest (Bronze Medal)
Also, poem was chosen for Literary Magazine.

Varsity Swimming (9-11)
Varsity letter (9, 10), Unsung Hero Award
State Open
USA Swimming since 2005 and hold team records on various teams. I am a Sectional level swimmer. My times are good enough for DIII definitely. I swim all year and still swim for my pool club in the summer. I practice 2.5 hours each day 5x per week.

Church Youth Group: Two one week mission trips in summers (Boston and New York City)

Worked for two weeks at a day camp for disabled youths (60 hours)

Russian Club: Will go on Russian Exchange next year.

Big Brother/Big Sister and DARE Role Model

This is not intended to be a chances thread. I just want to know if my stats are comparable to others at Georgetown or have I missed the boat?
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Replies to: Would I Be a Match at Georgetown?

  • flight23flight23 337 replies23 threads Member
    You're definitely within range! I would suggest you join the College instead of SFS because you can double major in a science and a language in the college. Also, by your sophomore year you'll be having classes in the brand new science building (currently under construction).
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  • hoyasaxa1hoyasaxa1 171 replies4 threads- Junior Member
    I can tell you first hand that pursuing foreign languages and the sciences at Georgetown is fantastically rewarding--I graduated from Georgetown with a double major in Spanish and Chemistry (I was premed as well, went to Hopkins med school). The languages are top notch and second to none at Geogetown, and the sciences, although smaller in terms of enrollment than our peer schools, are extraordinarily strong at the undergraduate level. Being in Washington, DC also adds tremendously to the opportunities academically, for every area of study, but particularly in languages (Embassies, IMF/World Bank, etc.) and science (NIH, National Science Foundation, federal labs, Smithsonian, etc.). I highly recommend applying--the College is likely to match your interests the best, although SFS does have a Science, Technology, and International Affairs major which may interest you (obviously more policy than science).
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  • ZapadniyRusZapadniyRus 631 replies37 threads Member
    Is AP Russian offered at your school? I've been searching, trying to find a way to register for the exam but haven't been able to find much.
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  • Mr0rang3Mr0rang3 37 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Do you plan on swimming at Georgetown?
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  • swimstrongswimstrong 21 replies4 threads New Member
    I would like to swim at Georgetown or at a DIII school with a good swim team (maybe NESCAC).
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  • emaytay213emaytay213 161 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I think you definitely have a good shot. What other Subject Tests are you planning on taking? If your scores on those are as good as your Bio one, then you should be in great shape.
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