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Credits vs. courses

Undclrd StdntUndclrd Stdnt 172 replies100 threads Junior Member
edited July 2011 in Georgetown University
Either I'm dense, or the AP/IB Credit explanation is not clear enough (don't answer that).

I got a 6 on the IB English-HL test, so I get 3 credits for HUMW-011. Does that mean, instead of the 38 courses I am required to take (science major) I now only need to take 37?

The 5 on the AP Calc BC test gives me 8 credits, but does it also substract another 2 courses of the total list?

Please help.
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Replies to: Credits vs. courses

  • rainbsprinklesrainbsprinkles 138 replies3 threads Junior Member
    You need to take the equivalent of 120 credits or 38 courses. Of those, only 60 credits or 18 courses need to be taken at Georgetown in order to receive a Georgetown degree. So, with your credit, you only need to take 117 credits more or 37 courses.
    Do not understand this "or" as a "I need only have to take 37 classes to graduate". If you take 37 1-credit classes, it will not be enough. The reason that there is the course vs credit stipulation is because it is possible to receive credit for things other than specific classes - internships, jobs, research, etc. So, if for some reason you manage to finagle 60 credits for an internship (which is absurd), the course equivalent of which is 19, you would still have to take more than 19 courses at georgetown, because you would not have met that 38-course requirement.

    Sorry, I know this is a little complicated, but your dean will be able to explain this better, I think.
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  • SFShoyaSFShoya 133 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Think about it this way. In order to graduate from Georgetown no matter what you have to take 120 credits. AP credit just serves to free up more electives.
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  • Undclrd StdntUndclrd Stdnt 172 replies100 threads Junior Member
    That seems to contradict what Rainbsprinkes wrote. I have 23 credits and 6 courses starting out. So with 32 courses and 97 credits to go, doesn't that mean I can get away with taking only four courses during each of my eight semesters? (assuming I also meet my CORE and MAJOR requirements)
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  • dzleprechaundzleprechaun 822 replies3 threads Member
    rainbsprinkles is basically correct, although I always learned 40 courses and 120 credits; perhaps it has changed.

    A minimum of 20 courses and 60 credits have to be completed AT Georgetown. This would be the scenario if you were, say, transferring after having completed a 2-year associate's degree at a community college and got the maximum allowable transfer credit.

    You can indeed get away with only taking four courses each semester; I was in the same position coming in thanks to lots of AP credit. Really, though, since you're paying full tuition anyway, you might as well take more courses and save it up until the end, when you can go part-time and save money.
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  • MacHobanMacHoban 97 replies0 threads Junior Member
    ^ Agreed.... You should definitely take the opportunity to get the most bang for your buck. Your AP credit has afforded you options...Finances are crucial, no doubt. But, if you plan to attend full time for 4 years, you could pursue an interesting minor, possibly double major, do a study abroad or just take courses that appeal to you. Your 4 years at Georgetown will fly by in the blink of any eye, don't leave with any regrets.
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  • Undclrd StdntUndclrd Stdnt 172 replies100 threads Junior Member
    I definitely plan be taking five courses most semesters, as I do want to do a minor, take some unique electives, etc. I just wanted to know the limits. First year as a Bio major sure looks better with only four courses. There are two five credit lecture/lab courses each semester (BIo and Chem). 17 credits at the price of more than 20 hours!

    The idea about going part time at the end to save money never occurred to me. Sounds like a good idea.
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