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Can you change the layout of the freshman dorms?

mathwizard111mathwizard111 6 replies15 threads New Member
edited July 2011 in Georgetown University
Im an incoming freshman and I have a few questions about housing.

1) Can we loft our beds? On the website it says we can't, but I saw someone talking about how its easy to loft them on a thread here. So whats the deal with lofted beds?

2) Are the desks and closets moveable? Ive only seen a few pictures of rooms, but I personally don't like bunk beds. I saw a room that had two desks across from each other near the window, then next to one desk the bunk beds and across from that the two closets. I would much rather have a semi-divided room to make it seem like each person has their own separate space. Like a desk, closet, and bed on each side, but I was just wondering if that is possible with the room layout/size.

Thanks for any answers you can give me !
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Replies to: Can you change the layout of the freshman dorms?

  • sophomore12sophomore12 1063 replies32 threads Senior Member
    1) Yes you can

    2) Desks and closets are not movable
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  • mamba123mamba123 18 replies10 threads New Member
    I lived in Darnall Hall this summer and our room had the layout of bed, desk, closet per each side. However, the hall itself is supposedly known as the worst on campus.
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  • sophomore12sophomore12 1063 replies32 threads Senior Member
    None of the dorms are bad... people give Darnall crap because it used to be so far from everything, but now its like the new center of campus... close to Leavey, MSB Building, and the new Science Building... that extra 10 minutes of sleep you get is key...
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  • mathwizard111mathwizard111 6 replies15 threads New Member
    So sophomore12, are the layouts of most of the rooms revolved around having the beds bunked? If not, how are most of the rooms laid out in terms of the positioning of the beds/closets/desks? And how do we loft beds - can we just request it or do we have to do it ourselves?
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  • SFShoyaSFShoya 133 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Each dorm is a little different. Do you have your room assignment? I lived in Harbin and our beds weren't bunked. We lofted them with risers and a small adjustment to the bed height. New South I don't think you can bunk the beds. I'm pretty sure you have an option in VCW and Darnall, but the rooms are smaller so I think people are more inclined to bunk.
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  • AvonHSDadAvonHSDad 1538 replies0 threads Senior Member
    We toured all four freshman dorms in April at the admitted student visit weekend and I don't recall seeing any bunked beds in any of the dorms we visited.
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